ABC Hands Pilot Order To Comedy ‘Bucktown’ From ‘The Connors’ Team – Deadline

The team is behind Konners Another ABC family comedy is getting ready.

The Disney-owned network has delivered a trial order to the Bucktown, Family comedy by Emily Wilson, co-executive producer of Rosan spin off.

Wilson, who also worked on Children okay, Muppets And the Cougar town, She writes and produces multi-camera comedies, produced by exec company Konners Tom Werner and Sarah Gilbert husband.

Deadline understands that the project has been under work in various stages for about five years.

The show follows a woman named Amy, who, after being abandoned by her boyfriend and evicted from her apartment on the eve of a big promotion, found refuge in her mother’s house in the blue collar neighborhood where she grew up. Amy reconnects with her teenage niece who lives there due to her sister’s latest rehab period, and decides to stay when she realizes her mother and niece are not fully equipped to do it on their own.

The project, produced by ABC Signature, was also produced by Marc Provissiero, director of management company Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, and Mandy Summers, who previously served as an ABC pilot. The greatest American hero Alongside Stephen J. Kanell and Nahnachka Khan.

It comes as two test orders from ABC Work wife And Lucy Liu’s workplace comedy formerly known as Children matter now Been passed.

He joins other ABC comedy pilot orders for projects including Marvel years Reboot from Dev Executive producer Saladin Patterson, Regina Hick’s comedy for the club, formerly known as Black does not crack And psychological comedy Maggie, From Life cut Husband of Maggie Mull and Justin Adler.

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