Adam Wingard To Give Facelift To ‘Face/Off’ Remake At Paramount – Deadline

ExclusiveParamount Pictures has chosen you are next And the Godzilla vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard to lead the reimagined Face off, The 1997 John Woo thriller starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Wingard will write the script with his scripting partner Simon Barrett and the studio will replay the movie, with a new cast. Neil Moritz would produce and David Permut would become executive producer.

Oren Uziel was part of the equation when Paramount created the remake last fall, but the understanding is that Wingard and Barrett are starting from scratch. Despite a somewhat implausible premise, the original was Road Trip that became the highest-grossing American film by Hong Kong Director John Woo with $ 246 million in global ticket sales. It’s easy to imagine this forming like a duo with two strong male or female stars. Originally, Travolta played FBI Agent Sean Archer. He is so obsessed with catching a murderous sociopath named Castor Troy, who is responsible for killing his son, that the agent undergoes a face transplant and takes his opponent’s cup so he can be sent to prison to find out where a bomb is and stop the attack. The plan is deflected when the villain wakes up and takes on the face of an FBI agent. Soon the new-faced Castor visits the client with a villainous face and is happy with him and tells him that the facial surgeons have been killed and that the good man is stuck in the mirror to the face he hates the most, and that the villain returns home to sleep his wife and take over his home life. It escalates into a series of action sequences made for dance. Mike, Lord, and Michael Collieri wrote the original text.

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Barrett is represented by Nouveau and Maurice Jorn. CAA and Grandview Wingard rep, who Godzilla vs. Hong Warner Bros and Legendary is set to bow in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31.

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