‘American Horror Story’ DoP Michael Goi To Direct ‘The Elevator Game’ – Deadline

Exclusive: London-based sales company AMP International has teamed up with new startup Fearworks in Los Angeles over horror The elevator game, Which has a long time American horror story DoP Michael Goi’s live extension.

Supernatural horror, based on the eponymous internet phenomenon, will follow Dale, a socially awkward teen who discovers that his sister on the night she vanished was just playing an elevator game. The ritual takes place in an elevator, as players attempt to travel to another dimension using a set of rules that can be found online. Ignoring the many warnings online, Dell decided to follow and find her. But he discovers that the warnings are there for a reason and “The Woman On The 5th Floor” is not what it appears to be.

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The online cult ‘game’, often found on reddit and YouTube, first appeared in Korea but has gained traction in other countries as some have speculated a link to mysterious disappearances and deaths, including student Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles 2013.

Lamm’s death is the subject of a new documentary series on Netflix Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Which is showing for the first time in the US this week.

A multiple Goi Emmy nominee was DoP in the first five seasons of Ryan Murphy American horror story. The veteran lens also teamed up with Murphy Fun And the Queens Cry. Although he is ten years old, his horror movie is controversial Megan is missing It re-emerged in November 2020 after going viral on TikTok garnering more than 470,000,000 views.

Plan for The elevator game Filming in Manitoba, Canada this summer as a production by Fearworks in association with AMP International and Buffalo Gal Pictures.

The producers are Ed Elbert (Fearworks).Anna and the king(And Stephen Brunner)Ghost Rider: Spirit of Revenge). Travis Seppala (prisonerWrote the script. Cast is not set.

AMP, which last year dealt with horror Les Miserables Sundance Midnight amulet, It deals with global sales and we’re hearing the company is already getting attention ahead of this year’s EFM virtualisations, including from broadcasters. The executive producers are James Norrie, Inderpal Singh of AMP International, and Kevin Hicks.

The elevator game It marks the first feature of Fearworks, a new project by Brunner and Elbert with a focus on cinematic films and TV projects.

Director Goi said: “What sociological patient I did a shower, The elevator game You will do for elevators. I want the audience to go up the stairs after they see this movie. “

James Noory of AMP International commented:The elevator game It is the scariest text I have ever read, and The Woman on the Fifth Floor is an act of horror and will forever haunt my dreams. Besides being real and having a movie that is literally the stuff of nightmares. “

Producers Elbert and Brunner added:The elevator game It is one of those famous urban legends that have been sparking people’s curiosity and haunting them all over the world since its first appearance. We couldn’t be more excited to see Michael Joy bring his amazing cinematic vision to this project. “

The “game” is proving fertile ground. It appears that there are multiple projects under development at the moment that are inspired by this theme.

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