Annie Murphy As Sitcom Wife Who Is Mad As Hell – Deadline

“I wrote it before #MeToo,” said Valerie Armstrong of the genre-defying AMC comedy series. Kevin was F ** k himself Today at TCA.

The series, which appeared this summer on AMC and AMC +, is among the stars Chet Creek Supporting Emmy Award-winning comedian, Annie Murphy as the wife of a comedian, who is between being the center of her husband’s jokes and losing her and looking to break out of the monotony of her life. The series alternates her reality between one and multiple cameras.

Eric Petersen plays her husband Kevin McCruberts and Mary Hollis Inbuden is her best friend Patty O’Connor, while Alex Boniver plays (Superstore) Patti’s husband plays / Best of Bud Kevin.

“We never had to hit anyone in the head with a message. We ask you to reconsider the woman you thought you knew. You knew she was happy and she was okay with being the back of the joke the whole time, but she’s really pissed off and ready for something else.” Armstrong said: ” I want the program to speak for itself in this regard. “

“I can’t help but women can figure it out, and we can go beyond the things that can be associated with,” the author and the EP said of how the series affects the nerve.

Watch the trailer for Kevin was F ** k himself above.

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