Ashley Judd Shares New Photos, Excruciating Details From Congo Accident – Deadline

On Tuesday, Ashley Judd shared a lot of details – along with a photo gallery – of her horrific experience after she had her leg smashed in the Congolese jungle last week. Specifically, she spoke about the locals who helped her during the ordeal. Without them she wrote, “The internal bleeding would have killed me.”

She revealed that while she was lying on the forest floor, a man named Deumerci “extended his leg and placed it under my severely deformed left leg in an attempt to keep it steady. It was broken in four places and had nerve damage. Deumerci (” thank God “) remained seated, without fidgeting or Startle, for 5 hours on the floor of the rainforest. “

Then the actress called out a scene that seemed straight out of Nagat. After searching for her for 5 hours, another local man named Baba Jin gave her a stick to bite into, then proceeded to amend the torn parts of her leg.

Ashley Judd recovers from a catastrophic leg injury after falling into the Congo rainforest

“It took 5 hours, but he finally found me, miserable and wild on the ground, and calmly evaluated my broken leg. He told me what to do. I bit a stick. I grabbed a mud. Baba Jin, for sure, began to manipulate and adjust my broken bones into something like … The situation in which I could be transported, while I was screaming and writhing. How he did that in a systematic way when I was like an animal is something far from me. Save me. ”

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Then a group of men improvised a hammock and spent three hours gingerly carrying Judd through the woods to the nearest transportation.

Then a heroic friend – named Maradona – volunteered to ride with the failed actress for six hours on a motorbike, preventing her from falling over and holding her shattered foot in place.

Didier rode the motorcycle. I sat facing back, with my back resting on him. When I began to slump, losing consciousness, he was calling for me to readjust my posture to rely on. Maradona rode on the back of the motorcycle, and I faced him. I grabbed my broken leg under the heel and grabbed the broken upper part with my hands. We did this together for 6 hours on an irregular, lively dirt road with canyons flowing during the rainy season. Maradona was the only person who applied to volunteer for this mission. ”

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Previously, the actress recalled her fading consciousness and loss when she was in shock, reciting over and over “The Lord is my Shepherd I do not want” from Psalm 23.

“The difference between me and the Congolese person is the disaster insurance that allowed me 55 hours after the accident to reach the operating table in South Africa,” she says, adding that villages in the Congo not only lack electricity, but “a simple pill that kills with pain when you break your leg.” In four places and you have nerve damage. “

Judd wrote that she decided to speak out about the incident to spread the word about “what it means to be a Congolese in extreme poverty without access to healthcare, any pain medication, or any kind of services or options.”

Now from her hospital bed in South Africa, the actress says, “I wake up crying with gratitude, deeply moved by everyone who has contributed something that breathes life and soothes the soul during my grueling 55-hour journey.”

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