BBC Swoops For Channel 4 Comedy; Matt Berry Heads To Hollywood – Deadline

What do we do in the shadows Actor Matt Perry will resurrect his religious character, Stephen Toast, after six years – and the BBC has pounced on the comedy after it originally aired on Channel 4

BBC One and iPlayer commissioned Objective Fiction to make six parts Toast from Tinseltown (Action title), which will show the eccentric and arrogant actor Toast as he attempts to become a Hollywood movie star.

It comes three seasons after the show airs on Channel 4 under Toast of London Title. Perry, who co-wrote the series with Arthur Matthews, won a BAFTA Award for his performance as Toast in 2015.

Perry said Toast would “firmly approve” of the comedy being transmitted to the BBC, while Matthews added: “Hollywood is a brave new world to Toast. There will be victories and tribulations (but mostly tribulations – and indeed humiliation).”

BBC Comedy Watcher Shane Allen said: “This sitcom is one of the standout comedy gems of the past decade. His name belongs to the group of famous British comedians’ clowns – Partridge, Brent and Toast.”

Toast from Tinseltown It will be produced in collaboration with former ABC Chairman Paul Lee wiip an independent studio. Ben Farrell, Perry, and Matthews of the executive production of Objective Fiction, part of the All3Media-owned Objective Media group. Lee and David Flynn are executive producers of wiip.

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