Bitcoin is a ‘masterpiece of monetary engineering’ Michael Saylor tells Austin Davis

The financial and economic narratives surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) hardly scratch what makes the digital assets unique, according to Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

In an exclusive interview with Austin Davis For Cointelegraph, Saylor describes Bitcoin as a “masterpiece of monetary engineering” and will likely go down in history as “the world’s first engineering monetary network”.

“Once you understand that money is monetary energy and you realize that Bitcoin is a monetary energy network, you begin to appreciate the fact that it either respects or does not respect the laws of thermodynamics. If it doesn’t, then it means there is a leak.”

This “leak” is inflation, Saylor says, something Bitcoin is mathematically designed to withstand.

Saylor gave the interview to his famous 17th-century Spanish book Galleon, intricately made in the 19th century. Saylor described the model as a “work of art” and that it provided him with additional motivation. The fact that such ships carried gold across the ocean in the old days is definitely not lost on it.

Bitcoin has become a $ 850 billion asset after the recent price hike, but that’s only the beginning of its impact on the market, according to Saylor. It explains why Bitcoin eventually “absorbed gold” to become a $ 10 trillion asset before it reached $ 20, $ 30, $ 50, and even $ 100 trillion. At this point, Bitcoin will be the “cash planet”.

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Saylor recently offered Bitcoin to 1,400 company executives, discussing strategies for integrating digital assets into treasury reserves. In his interview with Davis for Cointelegraph, Saylor had a few words of wisdom about what scammers should do with their bitcoin if they were hoping to make generational wealth.

He said, “You have to buy it and keep it forever.” “My advice is to borrow tax-free, not to make capital gains, and not to take in operating income.”

Saylor’s insight reflects his own strategy of always engaging with digital assets as part of a deliberate campaign to adopt the Bitcoin standard. His conviction is based not only on core Bitcoin technology, but on the rapidly declining value of the fiat currency. His now-famous analogy of comparing paper money to a melted ice cube seems to resonate with his peers.

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