Bobby Lee standing by prediction for massive BTC peak in December

Crypto expert Bobby Lee’s early predictions about Bitcoin’s price proved to be quite accurate during the latest bullish wave.

In a tweet from December 2018, CEO and founder of Ballet crypto wallet She said The next bitcoin (BTC) rally will start in late 2020, kick off in early 2021, and will be followed by a peak in December. The recent rally that began last year saw the price of the crypto asset exceed its all-time high of $ 20,000 in December and $ 30,000 the following month.

“behind [in 2018]Bitcoin was under $ 10,000 – no one was talking about it, “he told me to Cointelegraph.” People who hadn’t drunk Kool-Aid used to think I was crazy even for a two-year prediction that’s very specific. “

Lee softened his forecast for 2018 at a peak of $ 333,000 BTC by December, but still said that the bitcoin price is likely to leave the current price, around $ 52,000, in the dust:

“I think it will rise at least 4-5 more times, so it will reach 200,000-250,000 dollars this year.”

He said the recent price action was likely due to news of institutional investors like Tesla entering cryptocurrencies, and many in the ecosystem believe the SEC will now be more open to approving a Bitcoin ETF. Now he told me that someone “as respected as Elon Musk” has moved a portion of his company’s balance sheet into virtual currency, and “every board member in every listed company and even the board members of private companies” might have to think about the same investment.

He also felt it could possibly follow Musk’s other project, SpaceX’s private company. The airline’s chief financial officer, Brett Johnson, was reported to have attended the recent MicroStrategy webinar on Bitcoin’s corporate strategy.

Among Lee’s other long-term predictions for the crypto asset is price Access Parity with Tesla’s CyberTruck – $ 39,900 – in June, bitcoin has crashed In 2022 before reaching a low of nearly $ 41,000 in January 2023. Ballet CEO believes BTC Market value will flip gold By 2028, the price at that time could reach more than $ 500,000.

“when [Bitcoin] He told me he would reach a climax, he would collapse, and then the collapse would be devastating. “For a lot of people, it’d be a big surprise.” He added that the origin of the cryptocurrency will “track itself again.” Time.

Currently based in Shanghai, Lee is the current CEO of Ballet Crypto Wallet. He is a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and the former CEO of China’s first cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC, founded in 2011.