CBS Set Super Bowl Record With $545M In Ad Revenue, Research Firm Estimates – Deadline

CBS may have aired the lowest Super Bowl rating since 2007 this past Sunday, but the network raked in $ 545 million in advertising revenue, a record for a game.

The number is an estimate by research firm Kantar, which analyzed the ads from the opening debut to the trophy display in the field, over a period of approximately four and a half hours. The company described it as a preliminary result, with data still being processed.

ViacomCBS indicated prior to the match that the stock had actually sold out, costing about $ 5.5 million for 30 seconds, but the company had not anticipated the final number for Game Day. Fox, which held the Super Bowl the previous year, said it made $ 600 million for the Complete Sunday in 2020.

While the linear rating reached its lowest level in 14 years, the game was the most streamed Super Bowl ever. Linear chemistry didn’t help in the one-sided nature of the game itself, which Tom Brady, led by Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won over defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, 9-31. The coronavirus pandemic has also wiped out one growing ad category: outside the home. Nielsen has started counting viewership in bars, restaurants, and the like, and can sometimes add up to 10% to your total viewership.

Al-Qantar counted a total of 96 locations during the broadcast, 30% of which were 60 seconds or more. (One of the many star-based commercials in the game, Bruce Springsteen’s Plug for Jeep, ran two minutes, and took a full break working on the field.)

There were 57 minutes of commercial time during the broadcast, which Kantar said was a record. Cars ranked first, with around 14% of total spending. Broadcasting services came second, with 11% or $ 57 million in spending. Paramount +, the upcoming brand and expansion of CBS All Access, took three minutes of advertising time and grossed about $ 33 million.

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