China New Year Box Office Hits $1.2B, Sets Record High Over Holiday Period – Deadline

On Wednesday, the box office for Chinese New Year hit a new new milestone with the holiday period’s total profit rising to 7.78 billion CNY ($ 1.2 billion). This beats the previous all-time high during the comparative 2019 holiday (5.9 billion CNY). China is often outgrowing itself, but the fact that the Lunar New Year framework of 2021 came with Covid’s capacity constraints makes the performance all the more impressive.

Factors that worked in favor of the session included a varied list of seven new local titles (including two strong spots at the top), as well as increased ticket prices in some areas, additional screens for 2019 and reduced travel making cinema the first choice activity for people who had not traveled to see Family as it usually is during vacation.

Netflix wins ‘New Gods: Nezha Reborn’ Chinese New Year title

After setting new opening day records and opening weekend in One Market (Feb 12-14), Wanda Pictures’ Detective Chinatown 3 It had grossed 3.56 billion yuan (551 million US dollars) as of Wednesday. Not only is it far and away from the World’s Best Film of the Year, but it is also nearly 20% larger than the Best Global Film of 2020, China. Eight hundred – And that’s just six days into the game, and there’s more to come.

While DC3 Weekend, time travel comedy in Beijing led culture Hello mother It was at the top of the daily charts from Monday to Wednesday, with 2.73 billion yuan ($ 423 million). Hello mother It is expected by Maoyan to be priced at 5.28 RMB ($ 817 million), making it the # 2 movie ever to hit the market. DC3 It is looking at 4.51 billion RMB ($ 698 million), according to Maoyan estimates, a 33% increase in the local currency over the previous installment in the popular concession.

All in all, there were seven new home movies for the New Year session that began on February 12 – the public holiday in China lasted from February 11 to 17, although the celebrations continued. Until Wednesday, the titles above are rounded off by Odyssey Writer (538.2 Chinese Yuan / 83.32 million US dollars), Bonnie Bears: Wildlife (407 million RMB / 63 million US dollars), The New Gods: Picnic, Reborn (240.1 million RMB / 37.2 million US dollars), Master Yin Yang (211 million yuan / $ 33 million) and game over ($ 151 million / $ 23.4 million).

More than 155 million tickets were sold during the new year, the New China News Agency (Xinhua) reported, up from 130 million in 2019. This reflects pent-up demand for large new titles – especially considering Detective Chinatown 3 It was delayed for a year when Covid closed cinemas in early 2020 – partly because of the increase in the number of screens in the market, which reached 75.5 thousand by the end of 2020, compared to less than 70 thousand at the end of 2019.

China was the first country to be hit hard by the Coronavirus, and it has implemented strict lockdown measures in all areas. Six months after the cinema closed, audiences are slowly re-acclimatising. It started in July 2020 with some import addresses being delayed release by Covid (think: Doolittle) And library movies such as the first Harry Potter and some older portraits of Christopher Nolan. Once the market was prepared, China launched Eight hundred For huge results last August. One international executive notes, “What China is showing is that wherever the virus is under control and people feel safe, they are returning (to movie theaters) in droves.” We have seen some similar phenomena in Korea and Japan, although more tides of COVID-19 affect momentum.

The estimated Chinese New Year period of 7.78 billion RMB (which also includes suspended gameplay from movies like Disney / Pixar’s) Soul), Already 38% of the 2020 box office total in China. It’s also about 10% of the global box office for 2020, 12% of the international box office, and 55% of the domestic box office last year.

In the first month and a half of 2021, the Chinese box office exceeded 10 billion yuan, according to state news media, which means that it is already more than 50% of the total in 2020. It is hoped that the good news from China will be an indication of the recovery that will appear in Other markets when you come back and work with a new product.

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