Cointelegraph to gift NFTs to honorees on its ‘Notable 100’ blockchain list

Now that Cointelegraph’s “Top 100 Blockchain Figures 2021” has been fully revealed, you’d be forgiven for thinking the surprises were over for another year.

Well, not quite.

We think those who have earned a spot on our list deserve more than just celebrating it on our site … so we’ve immortalized them as unique, non-fungal symbolic artwork designed by the talented illustration team here at Cointelegraph.

But unless you’re on the list, don’t get too excited yet. These NFTs will not be available to the general public. Instead, everyone on the Top 100 will have their own NFTs.

We’ve also decided to give honorable mention (and NFT) to Alfred Elon Musk.

It has been teasing us with vague hints of cryptocurrency for so long that it almost becomes a story short. But after launching Shiba Inu on the moon, he finally took out all the blazing guns for Bitcoin and told us it’s “inevitable”.

It is definitely too late to be included in the top 100 unfortunately, but definitely in time for the honorable mention.

Of course, perhaps the most interested eagle among you realized that we cannot easily deliver NFT to all top 100 recipients. Some are anonymous … and we’re not sure the U.S. Infantry Service would appreciate that, however. But the real question is how to get the honored person at the top of the list: # 1 – all of us.

This NFT will be auctioned off by Rarible over the next week and the NFT will be the only one of this batch available on the open market … unless of course one of the first recipients is going through tough times and decides to sell. But hey, at least that’s the blockchain … so the source wouldn’t be in doubt.

Once again, we congratulate all worthy members of our top 100 and look forward to their future contributions to the blockchain and crypto space.