‘Criminal Minds’, ‘The X-Files’ Producer Was 77 – Deadline

Harry Pring, executive producer, CBS Criminal minds A producer in the classic science fiction film Fox Anonymous filesHe passed away Tuesday at the age of 77.

His death was announced in a Facebook post by his son Brad Bring, who indicated that Bring had been fighting cancer for a long time.

“He’s been fighting cancer for years and kicking his ass,” wrote Brad Bring. “That allowed him to enjoy the USC, the SF Giants, the Rams, who hate the 45 and his grandchildren for a little longer. He embodied the fighting spirit on the Trojans.”

Bring was co-executive producer of Criminal minds From 2011 to 2017, and producer from 2017 until the end of the series last year.

After he worked as a second assistant director in films from the early 1980’s such as Mister mom And the Weird brew Transferred to TV with the same capacity, initially on the series Max headroom 1987. He was the first assistant director in a series such as Northern Exposure, Melrose Place And the Anonymous files, Became a producer in the last series in 2000.

In the early 2000s, Bring was a producer or co-producer Lyon AreenAnd the North shore And the Head cases, And in 2007 he became co-executive producer of Army wives. He became executive producer of Army wives In 2009, and in 2011, he was a co-producer of the Freddy Rodriguez – Eric Close CIA play Chaos.

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