Dan Levy Derails Universal Studios Backlot Tour – Deadline

The Universal Studios Tram Tour took a bad turn when Dan Levy-trained presenter, Phoby, shared his thoughts during Saturday Night Live draw.

It is located in the Southern California amusement park SNL The skit focused on a backlot tour that is reopening after an extended closure. However, the tram ride is far from smooth as Phoby (Levy) puts its own spin on traditional tour sites.

“The fan theory is that Doc prepared Marty to molest him,” Levy said as the tram passed by Back to the future False appearance. “That’s why he’s back to the future, to prevent him from molesting Marty.”

Upon his first comments, Phoby (Mikey Day) moderator told him to mitigate this. Phoby keeps silence, that is, until the tram passes other attractions, including the bikes used on it ET

“It looks like ET looks like a ball of balls came to life,” says Phoebe.

Levi’s character continues to talk about what stops him, other conspiracy theories and inappropriate tour topics throughout the trip. However, his attention shifted when an old friend appeared.

Bowen Yang is wearing a costume Despicable meGro, come on the tram for a guest attendance. Once again, everything seems to be running smoothly for Phoby to get to know his old friend.

“She wants to talk about a bastard who got into coke and ditched me for all of his cocaine friends,” says Levi, and the tour ends.

Watch the skit above.

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