Democrats Lean Heavily On Video In Making Case Of Trump Incitement – Deadline

When the impeachment directors pitched their case, some Republican senators moved into their seats, read the papers and looked bored, but most of them took notice when a pre-election video was shown where Donald Trump supporters tried to operate the Joe Biden bus. The road is on the Texas Highway.

Then Rep. Stacy Blasket, representing the Virgin Islands, showed the Senate’s response to Trump. He posted on Twitter a video of the incident with “fight” music attached. “I love Texas,” Trump wrote on Twitter. Even after the FBI opened an investigation, Trump defended his supporters. “In my opinion, these patriots have done nothing wrong,” he wrote.

Plaskett also referred to Trump’s remark about “proud boys”, which he made in the first presidential debate, in order to “retreat and resign.”

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The aim of Blasket’s show was to show how the then president “developed” even his supporters who had a record of violence, talking about them as patriots rather than condemning their actions.

She also focused on the “Stop Theft” event on December 12 in Washington, DC, to protest the election results, with Katrina Pearson, Trump’s surrogate, telling a crowd, “We are the skull.” Later that night, violent clashes broke out in the city, and 33 were arrested.

The same people who organized the December 12 event also organized the January 6 march, Blasket said. It originally indicated that the Ellipse event permit stated that it did not include permission to walk to the Capitol. But when the Trump team got involved, that changed.

“It was intentional,” she said.

She also cited media reports about the possibility that the Trump team was monitoring Reddit and other sites calling for the storming of the Capitol, including posts that included plans for the complex.

“They will see a clear road map for what happened,” she said, rejecting the notion that the attack was spontaneous. She said there were “hundreds of posts” that proved to be “eerily accurate,” as well as stories about threats appearing in major media outlets including

Later, Representative Madeleine Dean (Democrat for the Palestinian Authority) summed up the substance of the allegation: “This attack would not have happened without Donald Trump.”

Previously: The second day of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial began as Democrats switched back to live videos to prove the former president incited a mob to storm the Capitol on January 6.

Accountability managers – who act as prosecutors in the case – lean hard on the locations and voices that day, and have even warned that some of the videos they plan to show will require viewers’ appreciation.

Rep. Joe Neguz (D-K) has given clips to Trump alleging repeatedly over the course of months of “The Big Lie” that the election was stolen. This culminated in the Ellipse rally, when Trump told the crowd, “If you don’t fight like hell, you won’t have a country anymore.”

He continued with clips of the rioters saying they are following what Trump wants. Even after the attack, Negus said, Trump continued to incite, tweeting to the mob, “We love you.” Subsequently, Neguse read the indictments against some of the rioters to prove that they sought to kill Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump impeached the House of Representatives a week after the uprising, accusing him of inciting riots. Although Trump is unlikely to be indicted and barred from running for a new office, the accountability directors are seeking to present a case that stirs the emotions of the senators, who are themselves witnesses to the attack, as well as viewers on television and social media. Perhaps he was not observing the trial proceedings.

The focus on Wednesday afternoon was proving that the Capitol riot was not an odd occurrence, but something to be expected. They repeatedly referred to Trump’s tweets and the post-election slogan, “Stop theft,” and even posted a clip from a Fox News interview with Maria Bartiromo in which Trump said, “This election is rigged.”

“The evidence will show you that Donald Trump saw this coming and was not surprised by the violence,” Representative Jimmy Ruskin (D-MD), chief accountability director, said while opening the proceedings, adding that there was “a way in the madness that day.”

“This case is much worse than someone falsely yelling” fire “in a crowded theater, Ruskin said. “It’s like a case where a town fire chief, who is paid to put out fires, sends a mob not to shoot in a crowded theater, but to actually set fire to a theater.”

A Capitol police officer said he fought rioters for hours, only to break the cry of the Rotunda later in the day. Ruskin said he said, “I’ve got the N word 15 times today.”

The Democrats are reportedly planning to show security footage from January 6 while highlighting the scale of violence that day. Perhaps the most memorable moment on the first day of the trial on Tuesday was a 13-minute video of Trump’s speech before the riots and the chilling events that followed, as the crowds violated Capitol security and began to rampage in search of MPs.

Inside the room, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri), who also faced criticism for instigating the attack that day, watched the actions from the kitchen, not his office on the floor, and reviewed a series of files. Most of the Senators, in masks, listened intently as Raskin opened the proceedings. Senator Lindsay Graham (a Republican from South Sudan), a steadfast Trump supporter, moved into his seat and looked around the room from dots down with his hands. He then took notes and showed one of them to the Senator next to him, John Barrasso of Wyoming.

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