Disney CEO Bob Chapek Sees Mask-Free Theme Parks In 2022; Disneyland Unlikely To Open This Quarter, But Hong Kong Might – Deadline

Disney CEO Bob Tangle predicts that Disneyland and other parks in 2022 may be mask-free and without stressful social spaces for a covid-free immune population.

Amusement parks were the hardest hit among the Disney companies. In a conference call to talk about the media giant’s recent earnings, executives said flagship Disneyland and Disneyland Paris were likely not going to open during the current quarter ending in March, despite the possibility of Disneyland opening in Hong Kong that neither Tangle nor Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy risked. By guessing the opening date of Disneyland.

When asked, instead, when he thinks the gardens are returning to normal, Tashkul said he is looking forward to 2022. “We have no doubt that when we reopen the parks in the parks that have closed, or increase the capacity, we will have a certain level of social distancing. And wearing the mask for the remainder of this year. This is our expectation. “

While Disney keeps data close to Vest, CEO Bob Chapek calls increasing franchises “our best isolation”

But, quoting President Biden’s chief medical advisor, he said, “I think Dr. Fauci said earlier today that he hopes there will be vaccines for everyone who wants them by April of this year – and if that happens, that is a game-changer and could speed up our expectations. It gives people the confidence they need to return to the parks. “

“Would there be some overlap until we know we have had herd immunity? Sure there will be. But do we also think that we will be in the same 6-foot social distancing and mask-wearing state at 22? Of course not.”

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have been closed since March – nearly a year. Last week, two California Assembly members introduced legislation to allow large park operators to reopen their doors earlier than the current Gavin Newsom regime has proposed. Regs now allows smaller theme parks to reopen if their cities are in an orange layer (based on the Covid infection), but they are forcing larger parks to stay closed to even the toughest yellow layer. The bill wants parks large and small to be treated the same way. In another ray of sunlight, as part of the twentieth anniversary of the Disneyland California Adventure, officials announced plans to expand outdoor dining at Anaheim’s theme park by mid-March.

CEOs were somewhat optimistic in the parks despite taking another $ 2.6 billion in business hit in the last quarter as revenue fell more than 50%. McCarthy noted that only Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disney were open every quarter. Besides Disneyland closed, Disneyland Paris was open for only a third of a quarter, and Hong Kong Disneyland for about two thirds. The open gardens were operating at significantly reduced capacity but she said that all “made an additional net positive contribution” – meaning that the revenue generated exceeded the variable cost of operating the park.

Attendance is increasing, and reservations too, in some cases outweigh the offer.

We have a great demand for our gardens. Despite everything that has happened with the epidemic, we have left a very big impression on our guests and potential guests in terms of safety measures to provide reassurances to people that they need to come and bring their families, and we are very happy, said Tangle.

He noted that engineering teams have figured out how to safely boost capacity and that businesses in general will emerge stronger after Covid. “There is no such thing as a pandemic to challenge the status quo and have you reflect on many things to some extent.”

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