Disney+ Unveils Slate Of 10 European Originals, Including Star Shows – Deadline

Exclusive: Disney + strategy for European assets exited from the launch pad after Star Wars and Marvel Streamer launched a jetpack package on a list of 10 shows, including the first projects of the global entertainment brand Star.

Disney announced on Investor Day last December that Disney + will greenlight 50 international projects by 2024. Mouse House already represents a fifth of the way toward this goal as it appears to complement shows like The Mandalorian And the WandaVision With authentic local content for 95 million subscribers in 58 regions.

Led by Diego Londono, Executive Vice President of Disney Media Networks and Content in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and William Kellan, Vice President of Original Content in the region, Disney + has commissioned its first projects from France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Deadline hears the UK listing is about to be announced as well, with Disney sifting in $ 16 billion on content over the next three years.

Joerg Winger, creator of “Deutschland 83”, puts the Disney + Star series on East Germany’s first black police officer

The European roster includes a mix of dramas, comedies, and documentaries, with Disney + projects targeting a family-friendly audience, while Star shows target a larger adult audience. Think of Starr as Disney’s international response to Hulu.

Star launches globally on February 23 as a tile inside Disney + and will be eight of the titles announced today on the service, which are designed to elevate Disney + in the increasingly fierce broadcast wars. This is the first glimpse of a servicing strategy, with originals set alongside catalog offerings, incl LostAnd series from Disney’s public entertainment studios, such as FX spinoff American Horror Stories.

Projects announced today include stellar mafia dramas Good moms, Which puts mob women in frame and is produced by Brexit: the non-civil war outfit House Productions and Wildside, the Italian producer behind HBO’s We are who we are. Kwok Dang Tran, the writer behind Netflix’s Marian, Created an imaginary parallel dimension chain The parallels For Disney +, while The Reformer 83 Creator Jörg Weinger tells the story of East Germany’s first black police officer in Star’s Sam – Saxon.

The documentaries include an Access series about Dutch football giants Feyenoord, which promises to be the Star’s answer to Netflix. Sunderland ’till I die. In the comics, Disney + is restarting the show series for the Fox Networks Group, BorisAfter three previous seasons and a feature film. The full list of originals is below.

Diego London, Left, William Kellan (Right)

London, and two agents have spoken with the producers over the past year and hope to see some of their European premieres launching later in 2021. Starr has given them more flexibility in the types of programs they can commission, even though they realize they are entering a crowded market, with Netflix, Amazon, and Apple are all hunting for high-quality international series. Credibility is Star’s key word, and the top ten projects are all stories in a local language, often rooted in real-life events.

However, what Disney + and Star executives are not looking for is wresting international value from some of Disney’s huge brands, like Marvel. So don’t expect to see Disney + mine Marvel’s UK catalog of comic book heroes, for example, although a splash of magical realism in future originals shouldn’t be ruled out because the content strategy kicks in.

The plan ultimately aims to surpass the target of 50 original series, and while wholly owned projects always prioritize, Disney is open about co-productions if the rights situation is favorable. Netflix, Amazon and recently HBO Max have become very active in co-productions, partnering with international broadcasters on programs including Fleabag (Amazon / BBC), The end of the F *** ing world (Netflix / Channel 4).

Londoneau said Europe is a “creative force” and will help Disney + home-grown projects become a “favorite” of fans. “Our European premiere confirms Disney’s regional commitment to distinct and diverse talent, reflecting our desire to work with the best storytellers in the industry,” added Kellan.

In addition to the shows announced today, Disney + has indicated its intention to promote the originals in Spain and double its size in Germany. Sofía Fábregas has been appointed Vice President, Original Production, Iberia, and former Executive Director of eOne Benjamina Mirnik-Voges has been appointed Vice President of Original Production, Germany. This comes after Disney’s Channel 4 Commissioner Sean Doyle was appointed as the main person for unregistered producers in Europe and Africa.

While the shows announced today are Disney + ‘s first international list, they are not its first commissions outside of Europe. The transmitter has worked with UK producers on the Nat Geo-branded chain including Meeting with chimpanzees From Blink Films. Meanwhile, last December, we revealed TV production company Wall To Wall’s Warner Bros International Television is making a Natural History series. The animal gets bigger For streamers.

Scroll on for the first list of Disney + and Star’s European origins:



Parallels – Disney + (click for full story)
Authors Quoc Dang Tran and Anastasia Heinzl write this six-part fantasy adventure series, which follows four teenagers whose lives are turned upside down when a mysterious event leads them to parallel dimensions. Produced by Empreinte Digitale and Daïmôn Films by Dang Trang, the series, described as ingenious fun for the family’s audience, is being filmed.

Oskini – a star
This four-part limited series explores the true and horrific events of December 5, 1986, that lead to the murder of young student Malik Oskin, after being chased by the police. The show is based on his family’s struggle for justice and the impact of his death on French society. Oskene Written and directed by Antoine Chevrolier (Baron NoirIt was co-written by Faïza Guène, Julien Lilti, and Cédric Ido. It is located at Itinéraire Productions.

Weekend family Disney +
Prepared by Baptiste Philol (No furette), This eight-part comedy chronicles the life of a new stepson family that meets every weekend. But when a father enters into a relationship with a new partner, the weekends take a completely different turn. Elephant Groupe is produced, while the book includes Nour Bensalem, Geraldine de Margerie, Julie Anna Greignon, Marion Carnell and Paul Madillo.

Soprano: Rich or dead – a star
Get a documentary about the French rapper, singer-songwriter, and Soprano. The six-part series follows him as he prepares for the 2022 stadium tour, as well as tracing his story from humble beginnings in Marseille to current success. Breathing films are the product.


“Le Fate Ignoranti”
R&C Produzioni

Good moms – Star (click for full story)
Fremantle-owned House Productions and Wildside produce this six-part series, which tells the shocking true story of Alessandra Seretti, a newly invented prosecutor who faces the mammoth task of investigating the Ndrangheta mafia in Calabria, and realizes that their wives and daughters are as well. The key to dropping them. Based on the book of the same name by Alex Perry, he wrote the BAFTA Award winning series Central Baghdad And the The last kingdom Writer Stephen Bouchard.

Ignorant angels – a star
An eight-part romantic drama based on the Italian box office in 2001 Le Viet Egnurante. The Italian-Turkish director Farzan Osbetek revisits his movie, which follows Antonia, who discovers that her husband had a psychosexual relationship before he was killed in a car accident. She’s so heartbroken upon hearing the news, but Antonia with straight relationships finds herself building an unexpected and touching friendship with her husband’s ex-lover, Michelle, and his circle of irrelevant weirdos. R&C for production.

Boris – a star
New season of Fox Networks’ Show-within a-show, Boris. The original show, produced by Fremantle-powered The Apartment, follows the behind-the-scenes world of a low-budget medical drama series. In the new six-part season of Star, the hapless crew will gather to produce a show for a global broadcasting platform. Boris It previously ran for three seasons and a movie.


Deutschland 83

Sam – Saxon – Star (click for full story)
Created before The Reformer 83 Jörg Winger, the eight-part series tells the true story of Samuel Mayfair, the first black police officer in East Germany. The series shows how Mayfair became a media sensation and symbol of modern society in the post-reunification of the 1990s. But only a few years later, he ended up behind bars. It is made by the new production company Big Window Productions.

Sultan City – a star
A mystery and thriller comedy film produced by emerging producers Ayla Gotschlich and Ayssel Yilmaz and book writer Ipek Zuber. It focuses on the respected mother of a German-Turkish family who accidentally becomes the head of the criminal underworld, and discovers that she and her daughters have a talent for work. Two images of the moon are produced.


Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Rotterdam player Marcus Senese
Feyenoord Rotterdam / YouTube

Feyenoord Rotterdam – a star
An eight-part series that takes place behind the scenes of Dutch football club Feyenoord Rotterdam. Produced by Lusus Media, the series also follows the fan base of Feyenoord, reflecting the team’s history full of sadness and pride. This is the first time a TV series has captured the inner workings of a Dutch football club.

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