Donald Glover Inks Overall Deal With Amazon Studios – Deadline

Donald Glover started working with Amazon Studios. Sources close to the position say the deadline Atlanta Creator Glover left his former home at Disney-owned FX for a multi-year package deal, believed to be among the eight numbers.

Sources also say that Malia Obama joined the book room on one of Glover’s initial projects in the studio, a small room for Janine Napiers’ project about a Beyoncé-like character.

His brother Stephen Glover who wrote and produced Atlanta, He also signed a package deal for the studio, according to a person familiar with the deal.

As part of the agreement, Glover’s work will also be featured on the Amazon Prime Video content portal.

Amazon declined to comment.

This news comes just days after Glover announced that he is working with Phoebe Waller Bridge on a feature film rerun. Mr. and Mrs. Smith As an Amazon TV series.

Co-creator of the show Atlanta Writer / Producer Francesca Sloan is from New Regency and Amazon Studios.

Waller-Bridge has a package deal with the streaming device, as does Sloane.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the deal.

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