Donald Trump’s Acquittal Wasn’t A Surprise, But The Story Isn’t Over – Deadline

The outcome of Donald Trump’s trial has not been in doubt, but that does not mean the entire process was a waste of time.

What the week’s events showed is the need for further investigation and scrutiny of the events of January 6, of this nature Who knew what and when The attack on the Capitol, without precedent in American history, deserved it.

The trial, which appeared to be moving at the speed of light compared to most business in the Senate, was about more than just preventing Trump from running for the presidency again. It was an opportunity for a national audience to present a narrative of what had happened, to ensure that the Capitol siege was not just another story among many other extraordinary events of the past four years. There was definitely interest in the measures, as he watched roughly 10 to 12 million people. This is not a neural number, but it is not a half number either.

The House impeachment directors’ decision to focus on so much of their presentations on audio and video may not have influenced all of the many voices in their method, but the voices and images will likely be among the standout memories of the trial. A number of Capitol Hill reporters and employees remain in disbelief, and even shock, about what happened.

One of the most surreal scenes was to watch Senators watch security footage of themselves leaving the room just weeks before, with a crowd of rioters down the corridors. As one reporter who covered the proceedings noted, the carefully crafted case can easily be turned into a book. But the lack of witnesses throughout the proceedings appeared to be an omission of Chapter Three, as many questions remain unanswered about what happened.

What is not clear is what will happen next. Mitch McConnell may be trying to get both ways by voting to acquit Trump and hold him accountable at the same time, but his insistence that the former president could face a criminal trial raises the question of whether there will be any kind of prosecution of a Congressional investigation of what happened. There have already been calls, with the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for a 9/11-style commission.

McConnell’s statement, although contradictory, revealed a pervasive aspect in the right-wing media: WhatabutismOr the tendency to change the subject once attention turns to Trump’s bad behavior. This was the crux of the former president’s case, as his provocative rhetoric in the run-up to the blockade was no different from what the Democrats had said before.

McConnell turned it down. He said, “That was different.” “This was an intense escalation of conspiracy theories, hatched by an outgoing president who seemed intent on either overturning the voters’ decision or setting our institutions on fire on their way out.”

Trump’s acquittal may not be the end of the “escalation of conspiracy theories,” which is why it is so important that the impeachment trial is not just a signal of a transition from the Capitol blockade. The Accountability Managers made an emotional and visual intense this past week, but there’s still more to the story.

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