Fox News Breaks Away To ‘The Five’ During Impeachment Trial – Deadline

Since Representative Eric Swallowell was providing gruesome security footage and other videos during the Donald Trump impeachment trial on Thursday, Fox News cut Five.

The network actually carried the Senate proceedings throughout the day, but at 5 p.m., the ET cutoff came at a particularly emotional moment, as Swalwell made clear how close the dozens of angry hooligans were to those in the room and those in the House of Representatives.

Five Janine Piro, a strong Trump advocate, has appeared in addition to her regular staff, and has spoken out on the impeachment measures, but has also moved on to other topics, including a clip on “Biden’s broken promise to reopen schools.” MSNBC and CNN remained covered in the impeachment trial, which ran for another 25 minutes before the Senate recessed for a dinner break.

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As other accountability managers did earlier in the day, Swallowell made heavy use of video footage, including previously unreleased footage from security cameras. It ended with the clip of Officer Daniel Hodges while he was crammed in the door while trying to fend off the mob. Senators watched video screens with interest as they watched the video and the sounds of Hodges screaming echoed across the hall. They also heard the voice of an officer trying to prevent the mob from breaking through the security barriers, saying with concern, “We lost the line.”

Fox News broadcasts the trial in full on

Earlier, Fox News Sunday broadcaster Chris Wallace told viewers that the Accountability Managers did “a very effective job”.

Wallace said, “The argument the House directors made today is that you can’t just look at this from the perspective of one speech.” They went back to last summer and said that Donald Trump, all the way, long before the election, had begun building the predicate. “The only way I could lose is if this election is stolen from me.” And then when he gets close to the elections, he talks about the whole process being rigged, especially after the elections, saying, “Stop theft.” Then you start seeing bigger demonstrations and start seeing death threats against the Georgia foreign minister and demonstrations and shouts at the home of the Michigan foreign minister. “

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