France’s CNC Chief Facing Attempted Rape Accusation – Deadline

The president of the Great French Cinema (National Center of Cinema), Dominique Boutonat, is in police custody on charges of sexual assault and attempted rape.

French news channel BFM TV And the France Press agency They report the allegation stems from a 22-year-old Judson Boutonat (nothing to do with blood) the latter filed a complaint on October 7 alleging that the accident happened in August 2020 while on vacation in Greece

Boutonat’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marcini, said France Press agency The chief executive, who is 51 years old, denies the accusations: “Dominic Boutonat denies any crime of any kind, he is completely calm about the outcome of this action”

Boutonat has been chairing the committee since July 2019. He comes from a funding background and is close to President Emmanuel Macron, as well as being a prominent donor to his presidential campaign.

His appointment was fiercely opposed by the French industry, with a group of prominent directors including Jacques Audiard, Nicole Garcia and Michel Hazanavicius writing a letter of opposition. Their reasons included the authorship of a report indicating that the French industry, which has long been benefiting from strong public support, must rely more on private investment to move forward.

During his tenure, the CNC worked on developing guidelines to combat sexual misconduct in the French film industry.

final date Contact CNC for comment.

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