German Films Unveils Eight Participants In Promotional Face To Face Campaign – Deadline

Exclusive: German Films, the agency that promotes German cinema globally, has revealed participants in the sixth edition of its face-to-face campaign with German films, which this year will be dedicated to local talent from all aspects of the filmmaking world. In previous years, the program focused on promoting actors, directors or writers simultaneously, but the 2021 edition will highlight local talents with different artistic backgrounds and styles, whose work spans all aspects of the business.

This year’s participants, all of whom are female, are: composer Freya Ardy, winner of the German Film Music Award for her work on Nelly’s Adventure; Fashion designer Ulé Barcelos, whose daring and colorful work was seen entering the German Oscars 2020 Crasher system; Director Sarah Blaßkiewitz, who made her debut Precious ivy Last summer Berlin-based actor Tua Voile wrapped, star of German teen drama series Drake; Annekatrin Hendel, prolific director of the Berlin Film Festival with award-winning titles like Schönheit & Vergänglichkeit And the Disco; Actress Lorna Ishima, star Precious ivy And TV series Break even; Storyboard artist Lily Petersen Gamma, which includes her animation credits United Pets Jesse and Nessie. And the cinematographer Geun Yi who worked on it Oh beautiful night It received a German Film Award nomination last year.

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Focusing on characters with different biographies and artistic styles, German Films Managing Director Simone Baumann said: “We are proud to continue our face-to-face campaign with an impressive new pool of talent despite the current and challenging circumstances … Movies and series are only ever made. Because of the work of a large team, which is why we decided to offer more diversity in film professions in 2021. “

The campaign will kick off with a hypothetical deadline event during the European Film Market on March 2nd at 9 am, a panel discussion I’m delighted to run with four of the participants – Freya Ardy, Olly Barsilos, Sarah Blaskowitz and Lorna Ishima.

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