GPU hardware firm riles gaming community by flirting with crypto miners

Computing device maker Zotac angered a customer base of loyal gamers on February 16th after it posted a tweet that apparently marketed new Nvidia 30-series graphics cards to crypto miners.

Zotac Mail The GeForce RTX 3070 White Edition GPU suite showed, along with the caption, “An army of ZOTAC GAMING GPUs hungry for coin!”

The availability of Nvidia 30 series graphics cards has decreased in the New Year, while their cost has increased. By late December 2020, ETH miners can make $ 12,000 per month (depending on electricity costs) by combining 78 RTX 3080 GPUs from Nvidia. Since then, potential income from mining has more than doubled, after the value of Ether increased by 140% in the interim.

Not every Zotac follower on Twitter was pleased with the apparent attempt to prosecute cryptocurrency miners. One user Answered:

“It’s a pity that these aren’t in the hands of all gamers and PC enthusiasts either … especially the white limited edition that miners don’t care about.”

Another user, MWausE, tried to convince Nvidia to stop supplying Zotac with GPUs if they weren’t sold to gamers. that they Wrote:

“Dear NVIDIAGeForcenvidia, Can you please stop supplying Zotac with any new GPUs !! They are clearly not interested in selling it to loyal gamers.”

A shortage of cutting-edge graphics cards amid a renewed bull race for cryptocurrencies has nearly doubled the cost of Nvidia’s 30 series cards since their release – from $ 699 in September to about $ 1,300 at time of publication.

Even laptops with 30 series GPUs were picked up by Ethereum miners in China, who built mining farms made from stacks of interconnected laptops.

In January, Nvidia’s CFO, Colette Chris, assured players that they remained the focus of the company, and claimed that the current shortage was a result of increased demand from players alone.