Gwen Stefani Most Searched Celeb In Wake Of T-Mobile Super Bowl Spot – EDO Report – Deadline

Analytics corp EDO ranked celebrity appearances in branded ads during Super Bowl LV and the sound Judges and orators Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton ranked first and second, respectively.


The EDO list ranks the most searched celebs based on the number of times they were searched in a five-minute period after their ad fell against the average searched celebrity who was in a Super Bowl ad (100 weighted). Stephanie is searched 60 times the average search for celebrities, while Shelton is searched 41 times higher. In place, colleague Voice Judge Adam Levine groomed them on a blind date with the 5G network motto, “Just trust your love life for any network.” Funny enough, Levin was the most searched celebrity on Sunday at 100 weight at number 51, along with Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bossa who appeared in Tracy Morgan Rocket Mortgate’s commercial at number 50.


Married couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis took third and fourth places respectively in Cheetos’ commercial with Shaggy, as they all sang “It Wasn’t Me”. Kutcher had a 40x to 27x Kunis search rate. The shaggy slit ended up in seventh place, and had an 11-fold research score.

John Travolta, ranked 5th on the EDO list with 22% search after Scotts Miracle-Gro ad dropped Sunday; The sport featured him dancing with his daughter in his backyard.

Mila Kunis


Bruce Springsteen’s announcement of “The Middle” for the jeep came in the top ten in sixth place. Searched in Springsteen 21x. The ad was recently removed from YouTube by the automaker after they learned about the winner’s DUI 20 times in November.

Nick Jonas led the search over 10x after his Dexcom site at eighth place.


Jason Alexander in the Tide ad also saw a 10x search level at ninth place while Cardi B saw in UberEats Wayne World The ad ranked 10th with a search ratio of 8.5x.

For the full EDO list of Super Bowl Celebrity Ratings, click here.

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