Hawaii’ Spinoff Eyed By CBS As ‘NCIS’ Franchise’s Fourth Series – Deadline

CBS ‘phenomenal NCIS Drama franchise is on the expansion path again. The deals are still in the making, but I’ve heard the network is developing NCIS: Hawaii, A new push in procedural franchise multiplication.

Created / executive from production NCIS: New Orleans Executive / Model Producers Christopher Silber and Jan Nash also A.S SEAL team Writer and producer Matt Bosack, the project is expected to include a new team based in Hawaii. Unlike other branches NCIS: Los Angeles And the NCIS: New OrleansI heard there are no current plans for NCIS: Hawaii It is presented as a separate ingredient grown from one another NCIS a series. CBS and the studio behind NCIS Franchise, CBS Studios, declined to comment.

If NCIS: Hawaii It goes to the chain and is on NCIS The whole series is renewed, NCIS Can join Law and order As the second drama series with four series on the air simultaneously. New word NCIS The installment comes as another CBS franchise of blockbuster crime drama, CSI, He plans to return with a revival series, CSI: Vegas, That approaches the green light. It will be the fifth CSI Installment after the original series T. M. A: crime scene investigations, Beside CSI: Miami, CSI: New York And the CSI: Cyber.

“CSI: Vegas”: Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria and Mel Rodriguez Join CBS Sequel

The NCIS The franchise launched with the 2003 Mother Series starring Mark Harmon. After eighteen seasons, it remains the most watched drama series on television. spin off NCIS: Los AngelesTitled LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, it premiered in 2009 and is currently in its twelfth season. 2014 NCIS: New Orleans, Now in season seven, under the title Scott Bakula. Both branches were trusted players in CBS, as the entire franchise also made huge profits for the CBS studios via off-grid and international sales.

With NCIS: Hawaii, CBS Studios will use the extensive production base on the islands built for them Hawaiian Five 0. While that series was still on the air, CBS added a second Hawaiian-based drama series from CBS Studios, Magnum PE, And that would create potential transmission opportunities using NCIS: Hawaii. NCIS: Los Angeles He previously had an episode from Hawaii as part of a crossover 2012 episode with Hawaiian Five 0. It featured stars LL Cool J and O’Donnell visiting the fiftieth state as part of an issue (pictured above).

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