HBO Documentary ‘100 Foot Wave’ Follows Quest For Surfing’s Everest – Deadline

Are there 100 feet waves? If so, what does Leviathan look like? Can a person ride one?

Directed and executed by Chris Smith, Executive Produced by Emmy Award-winning Joe Lewis, HBO’s six-part sports documentary series 100 feet wave Drop deep into those questions through one man’s search. The series closely follows the decade-long journey of big wave pioneer Garrett McNamara who, after visiting a small fishing village in Portugal, helped push the sport beyond the realm of fantasy.

For decades, it was agreed that the largest wave ever cut was a legendary 35-foot beast that Greg Knoll was riding in 1969 on the West Side of Oahu. Surfers have reworked Nol’s journey, arguing whether the wave can reach this height without flipping over, and if so, if a human can actually ride it.

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As surfers explored the planet, they eventually discovered very few rare sites – in California, in Baja, in Maui and on Jebel Bahr 100 miles offshore. Then Nizari came.

McNamara – the Guinness world record holder for the largest wave ever – was recruited in 2010 by a group of Portuguese locals who were hoping to find out if the massive bulges they observed off the coast of Nazareth were browsable.

Standing at the top of the deserted 500-year-old Red City lighthouse, McNamara and his wife Nicole have seen surfing more dangerous than anything they have ever seen, even in Hawaii. In the coming years, the idea of ​​riding a 100-foot wave – and images that seemed to herald the potential – attracted the most courageous surfers on the planet, solidifying Nazareth’s position as a global destination for the men – and women – mountain riders.

Over the course of six episodes, 100 feet wave Weaves the transformative story of a small seaside village with McNamara and his peers in the ongoing search for surfing on Everest. The series embodies the common spirit and daring passion that big surfers from around the world share as they push themselves beyond life-changing injuries and spark impending mistakes in their collective pursuit of the unimaginable.

It stretches across four continents, 100 feet wave It is the inspiring story of a group of people in their pursuit of an unimaginable goal. It is a tale of a city and sport that has changed forever with this seemingly impossible dream.

100 feet wave Produced by Topic Studios, Library Films, and Amplify Pictures. Directed by Chris Smith. Executive Producers Chris Smith, Joe Lewis, Maria Zuckerman, Ryan Heller, and Michael Blume. The series will premier this spring on HBO and be available to broadcast on HBO Max.

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