“I Know We’ll Get Through This” – Deadline

On his first Presidents’ Day as President of the United States, Joe Biden posted a video message calling for unity and a spirit of public cooperation.

He wrote on Twitter alongside the video, “The American story is not a story of presidents, it is a story of the American people – a story of courage, personality, strength and resilience.” That was also when the video message I sent was opened.

Biden’s brief – one minute twenty nine seconds – echoed his opening speech and other recent public statements, particularly the sentence, “If we do it together as one nation, one people, and one America, we will not fail. America has never done it.”

Another thing that reminds us of its opening: “I promise you, my whole soul is in the work that lies ahead.”

The president also cited his predecessors who faced similar periods of great national division and strife: Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson.

He said in the clip: “I know we’re going to get over this because I know the story of this country. The American people have never let this country down, nor have they given it half a chance.”

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