Impossible 7’ & ‘8’ No Longer Shooting Back-To-Back – Deadline

Exclusive: Like Mission: Impossible 7 On the verge of completion after a great photo session in the era of the global pandemic, I can reveal that the shooting plan for the eighth edition of the series in a row has been changed by Paramount.

Sources said this was simply due to the change in the release calendar. Star Tom Cruise will now be needed in promotional assignments by the studio for Top Gun: Renegade Ahead of the film’s planned release on July 2, it will be retiring for a while. Once this movie is released – hopefully it will be crowded in cinemas in the post-Covid world – production begins MI: 8 It can start, which means the gap should not be very impactful.

final date He understands that the stories in the UK tabloids are claiming this weekend Mission: Impossible 7 Pandemic issues have been disrupted by incorrect travel related issues. As director Christopher Macquarie posted on Instagram yesterday, the team has now concluded a successful photo shoot in the Middle East as they travel back to London to apply some “finishing touches” to the photo.

Mission: Impossible 7 Listed on the calendar for November 19, 2021, it appears to be on track – a remarkable achievement considering the challenges facing any film production, not to mention one of that scale, right now. Mission: Impossible 8 Still dated Nov 4, 2022.

Paramount declined to comment.

Here’s McQuarrie’s Instagram post from yesterday:

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