Jonathan Rhys Meyers Movie ‘Edge Of The World’ Gets U.S. Deal – Deadline

Exclusive: Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired US rights to Margate Home movies Edge of the world (Formerly known as Raja), Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the Tudors)Josie He (Dream Home(And Dominic Monaghan)Lord of the rings).

Rob Allen wrote the script and produced the period adventure film alongside sons and partners Connor and Jake Allen via their production company Margate House Films with Ho and Conroy Chan for 852 movies. Samuel Goldwyn plans to release him in June.

The film, directed by Sundance and Phenicia Young Michael Haussman, plots the true story of Sir James Brooke, the English adventurer who partly inspired Joseph Conrad’s novels The man who will be king And the Lord Jim. Brooke fought pirates and slavery to rule a kingdom larger than England in the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo, where the movie was shot with support from the Sarawak Tourist Board and FIMI’s Malaysian Federal film antagonist.

Samuel Goldwyn acquires The Outside Story, by Brian Tyry Henry

XYZ negotiated the deal on behalf of Margate House Films with Miles Fineburg on behalf of Samuel Goldwyn. International sales are led by Brickell & Broadbridge International, which will continue into the upcoming European film market. The lands sold after the American film market include France (Family Films), Germany (Koch), Italy (Blue Swan), the United Kingdom (Signature), the Middle East (ECS) and CIS (Eurasia Cinema).

Peter Goldwyn said: “We are thrilled to be working on Edge of the world. It is rare to see such an amazing historical epic these days, and we cannot wait to present this movie to the masses. “

Rob Allen added, “We are honored that Samuel Goldwyn has chosen this Edge of the world To join Goldwyn’s prestigious film legacy. Connor, Jake and I have really bonded with Peter and his team, because we admire Goldwyn classics like the saga. Master and Commander We are also a family-run production company. ”

Margate House Films Contemporary Western Thriller Arid land It was recently released by the International Finance Corporation. Directed by Conor Allen and written by his brother, Jake Allen, with Mexican writer David Barraza, thriller stars Jake Allen, Frank Grillo, Jorge Jimenez, Andy McDowell and George Lopez.

Rob Allyn has also served as producer and Conor Allyn as Executive Producer for Netflix I haven’t prepared for herE, Mexico’s official presentation of the 2021 Academy Awards.

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