Kate Summerscale Novel ‘The Haunting Of Alma Fielding’ Adapted For TV – Deadline

Exclusive: Catherine the Great And the Dis The New Pictures producer has taped two of the creative talents behind FX’s Emmy Award-winning limited drama Voss / Verdon To adapt Kate Summerskill’s novel The haunting of Alma Fielding In a TV series.

Voss / Verdon Writer Charlotte Stud and director Minky Spiro, who also participated The plot against America And the Downton AbbeyThey’re translating the true ghost story onto the screen.

In 1938, a young housewife Alma Fielding begins to experience supernatural events in her suburban home. Things shatter, disappear, or fly and attack Fielding and her family. Correspondents see it with their own eyes. It’s impossible, but it does happen. Alma appears in the center.

Acorn TV and Channel 5 adaptation of PD James’ Dalgliesh Mysteries, starring Bertie Carvel

Hungarian Jewish refugee Nandor Fodor investigates the events, intent on discovering whether a hoax, ghost or Alma’s unconscious mind grapples with a secret buried in the shadow of rising fascism across Europe.

Summerskill researched the novel meticulously and was shortlisted for the Billy Gifford Prize after its publication last year. All3Media-owned New Pictures acquired the television rights from Julia Crittman at the agency, in association with Georgia Garrett in Rogers, Coleridge and White.

Summerscale is best known for her bestselling book Mr Witcher’s suspicions, Which was adapted into the ITV drama by Hat Trick Productions in 2011, starring Paddy Considine and Olivia Coleman.

The haunting of Alma Fielding New Pictures CEO Willow Grylls will be alongside Stoudt and Spiro. New pics were introduced recently by David Tennant’s serial killer series Dis It is for ITV, while one of the other dramas is for ITV, The White House ranch, By HBO Max last year.

New Pics is currently producing the second season of political thriller Cobra To Sky as she adapts to PD James Dalgliesh Mysteries Inspector Crime novels for Channel 5 and Acorn TV, with Bertie Carvel attached. She also creates an ITV series for British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.

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