Kino Lorber Acquires Chris McKim Docu ‘Wojnarowicz’ Produced By WOW Docs – Deadline

Exclusive: Keno Lorber obtained the North American rights in the documentary directed by Chris McKim Voynarovic Also known by its full name and controversial to some, Wojnarowicz: F ** k You F * ggot F * cker. The documentary highlighting artist and honorary activist David Wojnarowicz produced by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey for WOW Docs and McKim for Hobo Camp Films and will be released in the play on March 19, followed by a VOD release on Kino Now and home video.

Docu made its world premiere at DOC NYC where it was honored with the appreciation of the 2020 Metropolis competition jury for the best use of archival material. It was also an official pick at last year’s Tribeca and Hot Doux Film Festival.

Oscar competitor “Acasa, Betty” tells a strange story about a family that escaped from “evil civilization” for the sake of wild existence.

“Chris McKim’s prolific celebration of legendary artist and activist David Voynarovich is in your face just as much as David’s life and work itself,” said Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell. “Bittersweet, energetic and informative, this new film from the world of wonderland mental confidence is a must for those who know Wojnarowicz’s story, and a revelation to those who don’t know.

Wojnarowicz: F ** k You F * ggot F ** ker She is a self-portrait of a downtown New York City artist, writer, photographer, and activist. When New York City became the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, the artist armed his work and waged war against the establishment’s indifference to the plague until his death in 1992 at the age of 37.

The film provides exclusive access to his amazing collection of works including paintings, magazines and films that reveal how Wojnarowicz emptied his life into his art and activism. Rediscovering answering machine tape recordings and intimate memories from Fran Lebowitz, Gracie Mansion, Peter Hujar, and other friends and family help deliver excitement
Portrait of an artist whose works and fiery words still resonate deeply in troubled times.

“David Wojnarovitch devoted his life to the power of art and resistance,” McKim said. His legacy is a call to action against America’s “one tribe nation” mentality of inequality and oppression, and I hope his story will continue to inspire generations of artists and activists. “

“The story of Wojnarowicz is one that needs to be told now more than ever. He has seen the parallels between an infectious disease and a sick community. In his short life, his work has been dedicated to advocating the government’s indifference to the AIDS epidemic. “Chris’ movie could come in time in the midst of a pandemic that also, thanks to government indifference, has killed hundreds of thousands. It is a pleasure for me to work with Keno Lorber again on such an important film.

Deal Wojnarowicz: F ** k You F * ggot F ** ker It was negotiated by Kino Lorber’s Lidell and Jason Ishikawa at
Cinematic media.

Watch the clip above and check out the poster below.

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