Louise Linton Movie ‘Me You Madness’ Sells To UK & France – Deadline

ExclusiveLouise Linton’s new UK distributor: ILY Films has acquired thrilling comedy film I’m oh mad For the United Kingdom, France and French-speaking Europe.

The project marks the first film written and directed by actress Linton (Midnight man). Participated in the tournament previously gossip Girl Actor Ed Westwick.

ILY picked the film from Highland Film Group. STX previously rose to US rights. The British Digital Edition is set for April 19, 2021, with France launching in June.

I’m oh mad It depicts the story of an impoverished young man who falls in love with a charming woman living in a beautiful Malibu mansion. What he doesn’t realize is that she is also a serial killer who stalkes men and kills them with bows, crossbows, saws and kitchen knives.

“Me, you, mad”: First look at a pic of this pic from writer, director, and star Louise Linton

Richard Lesharter, CEO of ILY Films, said: “Once our Highland Film Group friends showed us I’m oh mad We knew right away that we wanted it. It has all the ingredients: it’s sexy, funny, and romantic.

Linton, the wife of producer and former US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, added: “This movie is a lively, fun, and colorful salute to the 1980s and movies that have inspired me like A quick danceAnd the FreewheelingAnd and Dirty dance. It is totally charming and deliberate with its decadent style and neon beauty. She is strongly driven by dancing throughout the 80’s, choreography, fight sequences, and beautiful locations. My hope in this movie is to make people laugh at a time when we can all use more laughter in our lives. “

It was ILY Films’ first release in the UK It’s hard to killStarring Bruce Willis. Next up is Willis Starr from death The Westwick Starr Enemy lines.

Lechartier, former CEO of French producer and distributor Marco Polo, launched ILY last year. The company, which specializes in selling home properties, acquires in the United Kingdom and other European territories where possible. I’m oh mad It represented one of the first multi-region acquisitions.

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