Martin Scorsese Takes Aim At The Movie Industry And Streaming – Deadline

In a new article for Harper’s Magazine, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese hasn’t pulled any hits as he faces some harsh criticism of the state of the film industry. The article’s slanted focus on “The Maestro” is on director Federico Fellini but delves deeper into the creators’ current situation and problems with its impact on the film experience.

Scorsese writes: “As recently as 15 years ago, the term“ content ”was only heard when people were discussing cinema on a serious level, and it was compared to“ form ”and measured against“ form. ”Then, gradually, it was used. More and more by people who have taken over media companies, and most of them know nothing about the history of the art form, or even care enough to believe that they should. “

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Scorsese mentions how he made use of places like Netflix that produced and distributed his selfie Irish But he says the film underestimated it and that they eventually turned the film into “content”. It delves into the idea of ​​likening content to “the commercial term for all motion pictures”.

“We cannot rely on the film industry, as it is, to sponsor the cinema. In filmmaking, which is now the mainstream visual entertainment industry, the focus is always on the word ‘business,’ and the value is always determined by the amount of money to be made from whatever Specific property – in this sense, everything from Sunrise to me Not a strada to me 2001 It is now largely dry and ready for the “Art Film” swimming track on a broadcasting platform.

Scorsese ends his argument by warning movie fans that they “cannot rely on the film industry, as it is, to sponsor cinema.” The late The director is not afraid to move the pot when he sees something that he feels has a profound effect on the movie-watching experience. In 2019, he got a lot of enthusiasm when he hinted that Marvel superhero films are not cinema. These observations led to a broad debate in the industry about what is cinema and what is not cinema that everyone lists Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Jean gives his opinion. It remains whether these remarks will have the same effect but the sure thing is when Scorsese talks about the movie, everyone is listening.

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