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Exclusive: This year, a trailer for the movie wasn’t all of the hype that followed the Super Bowl, it was Michael B.

Due to the unpredictable environment of the pandemic, and cinemas still largely closed from coast to coast, most major studios cut their supply of trailers during the Super Bowl LV. Those who decided to stream, have seen some eyeballs, but not nearly as much as it has been in years past.

With a strict assessment of its 24-hour post-game traffic via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook views, RelishMix reports that Amazon’s Alexa ad, featuring Jordan, is the star of their upcoming Tom Clancy’s movie Without remorse, draw 110.6 MB Opinions. Alexa’s Body split into 20.7 million views on Twitter, 12.3 million on Facebook, and 77.7 million views on YouTube. Jordan Amazon Alexa 24 hour number is just below F9 In the 24 hours following last year’s Super Bowl (110.9 million views).

Super Bowl spot for “The Hawk and the Winter Soldier” crashes the online viewing record for a streaming series

On Monday morning, as reported exclusively by Deadline, Amazon made a TV and movie deal for the first time with the Jordanian outside community. The ad features Alexa user imagining Jordan as the thrilling voice of her AI device; This is after I spotted the star’s photo on a bus ad for Without regrets (How’s that for a dual upgrade?) Alexa ranked first among those brands showing off Hollywood’s talent in this year’s RelishMix report, beating out Paramount + ads (54.7 million views total), Wayne World UberEats (13.8 million), Cadillac Edward Scissorhands Championship commercial from Winona Ryder and Timothee Chalamet (7.3M) and Will Ferrell GM “No Way Norway” (4.7M) commercial.

Courtesy of Disney / Marvel Studios

While we reported the Marvel / Disney + website for Falcon and Winter Soldier It set a record 125 million viewership for a streaming series, and that included much more than its reach on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This measure also included global drawdowns on third-party editorial accounts, Marvel International and title accounts as well as website broadcast views: 30.

Per RelishMix, in pure Instagram, YouTube, FB, and Twitter views in the next 24 hours for Super Bowl LV, it was Universal. F9 The # 1 spot among studio movie trailers (and / or live broadcasts) with tow 44.5 MB. This number is still 60% lower than the draw F9’s He posted Super Bowl traffic online last year and 48% less than 85.5 million views The Fate of the Furious: Hobbes and Shaw Harvested in 2019. Outbreak F9After drawing the game this year, the trailer has seen 38.5 million views on Facebook, 3.1 million on YouTube, 1.8 million on Twitter, and 1.1 million on Instagram.

Super Bowl F9 trailer

my world

This was the second round of the Super Bowl F9 With the movie currently scheduled to open on May 28. During Super Bowl LIV, Uni stopped everything in their power to promote the Vin Diesel pic before the pandemic derailed what was a truly amazing marketing ploy; The release date of the pic in 2020 is May 22nd. Last year, Uni dropped the first F9 The Friday pre-Super Bowl trailer and in six days recorded 439 million views. This was pushed by a pre-friday pre-Super Bowl concert in Miami that featured pic stars Cardi B, Ludacris and Ozuna plus Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. The live concert watched 12 million views in the first 72 hours. together F9 Advance tickets went on sale and in the first four days of last year it overtook The Fate of the Furious: Hobbes and Shaw By 50%. All of that went up in smoke due to Covid.

In RelishMix Scale, Falcon and winter solider Second place with 30.15 MB The views consist of 16.2 million on YouTube, 7.4 million on Facebook, 6.3 million on Twitter, and 180k on Instagram. The series drops on March 16th. Amazon Next 2 America Third place with 15.59 MB; This movie hit Prime on March 5th. M. Night Shyamalan Thriller from Universal Old draw 10.87 MB, With a pic set to open on July 23. Disney Raya and the last dragon He was watching 8.3 MB; The movie schedule to hit theaters and Disney + premium on March 5. The global action movie Bob Odenkirk no one Capture Less than 5 meters; With the title set to open on April 2, the Easter weekend. While Uni was only expected to present one spot on Sunday, it did air three.

The number of trailers (including broadcasts) broadcast during the Super Bowl LV was drastically lackluster in quantity: last year there were nine, in 2019 there were eight, in 2018 there were 11. Again, the drop in supply is due This year led to the fact that the schedule for theatrical release is still being forgotten due to Covid, with cinemas in New York City and Los Angeles still closed since mid-March.

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