Midnight Rider Director Randall Miller Spared Jail Over Parole Violations – Deadline

Midnight passenger Director Randall Miller said in a Georgia court today that he did not intentionally violate the terms of probation for Sarah Jones’ death in 2014, and that was enough to convince the judge not to send him back to prison.

“I was allowed to continue working in the film business as long as I worked in a role that was not safe,” Miller said in a video testimony today from his home in California of his understanding of the probation and parole criteria. . “It was important to me that I wouldn’t have had any role in safety if I were to ever do any film,” added Bottle Shock’s director.

Judge Anthony L. Harrison announced Miller’s misunderstanding of the scope of his sentence in the midst of the trial: “I realized he was nervous and heard what he wanted to hear.” However, the Georgia judge found it hard to believe that the director was repeatedly left in such confusion due to repeated interactions with the law.

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However, Judge Harrison promised to make the terms as clear as possible, Judge Harrison slapped Miller on his wrist at the end, Judge Harrison repeated, “You shouldn’t act as a director,” his sentence

At a much-delayed hearing on Wednesday in the southern state, the filmmaker faced a revocation of the probation period, which would have seen him imprisoned again.

After spending just one year behind bars after pleading guilty to premeditated murder over the death of 27-year-old camera assistant Jones on set Midnight passenger For nearly seven years, Miller was released on probation in mid-2016. One of the terms of his release by Beach State Judge Anthony L. Harrison states that Miller is “prohibited from acting as a director, senior director, assistant director, or safety supervisor in charge of” Any movie production. “

The definition of what appears to be a fairly straightforward standard was the contested heart of this latest shift in fallout from that deadly day in Midnight passenger Designation.

In 2019 Miller directed the location film on DGA High ground In Serbia, Colombia and the United Kingdom. The coffee-themed Kate Nash starrer pen is set to be released later this year. Upon notified of Miller’s high-party, Georgia law enforcement authorities asked the Department of Community Supervision to issue an arrest warrant for Miller for surveillance violations.

Under direct questioning from Judge Harrison about the “public statement” put forward in 2015, Miller today analyzes his probation warrant. The director said he personally focused on the closing rate in what he called, on the judge’s apparent dissatisfaction, “a repeated sentence.”

“I’m really sorry I misunderstood it,” an angry Miller turned to the judge.

Citing his ignorance, Miller also said his legal team had confirmed his interpretation of the surveillance order at the time and since. “Who’s going to hire me, I’m a man with this huge press against me,” Miller went on to say as an additional justification for his now contested actions.

Miller, dressed in a suit and tie, told the court remotely that he had tried unsuccessfully to obtain a number of jobs, including teaching and production. Oddly or clearly, Miller referred to the “excessive amount of press” the case received regarding Jones’s death. The sometimes quick-tempered Miller told the court that it took years to get a mentoring job because they are generally “hard to get.”

After his nose led him to address the next absent Sarah Jones family, Miller suddenly cried: I’m so sorry for you and I think about it every day. All I want to do is bring good things to the world and make good movies. “

In this context, during his time under question today at the sometimes technically challenging hearing, Miller’s attorneys ensured that the disgraced filmmaker told the court that he had obtained permission from the Directors Guild of America to do so. High ground.

He stated, “This should have been a 100% Syndication movie … so there could be no doubt about how safe it was, and that was important to me.” And Miller continued, “They knew exactly what the plan was. They wanted to make sure that it would be subject to scrutiny by everyone.” DGA suspended Miller for one year after he was sentenced in

“He never asked Georgia what he was forbidden to do,” Miller said. a. Newly minted Wayne County Keith Higgins today at a mixed hearing before Judge Harrison. “He did whatever he wanted and is now standing in court, asking for pardon.”

Defense attorney Donald Samuel insisted that he “did not act in willful disobedience to the probation periods,” stressing that Miller understood that he could direct if he was not overseeing the safety of production. “His lawyers told him you can do this as long as you are not involved in the security,” Samuel said.

California-based parole officer Perry Thomas announced under oath over the phone today that he understood the director’s surveillance terms: “He can work as long as he’s not responsible for any safety in the film.” Thomas was responsible for the Golden State-based Miller case from 2016 to 2018, when the matter was returned to Georgia.

Since the news of Miller’s directing High ground The arrest warrant was issued at a later time, lawyers’ battles, a flurry of court filings and obstacles due to Covid-19, including Miller himself for contracting the virus, led to the reversal of this actual hearing that was already taking place.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, the hearing saw DA Higgins, Judge Harrison, court staff, and several witnesses in court, while defense attorneys Samuel and Ed Garland joined via video link.

In addition to further misrepresenting the whole matter and possibly contributing to Judge Harrison’s indulgence today, Miller was allowed under the direction of the local mayor’s department and then supervising judge Stephen Kelly to direct a movie about drug court in 2014.In fact, it was Judge Kelly who asked Miller to make. The documentary as part of Miller’s Community Service.

Judge Harrison said Wednesday that he will issue a new order that will erase any ambiguities in Miller’s position in filmmaking from now on.

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