Netflix Bets On GameStop Doc Series From Liz Garbus & Dan Cogan – Deadline

Exclusive: Netflix doubles its GameStop story investment with a new documentary series from Emmy Award-winning filmmakers and directors Dan Coogan and Liz Garbos.

Ordered Live Streaming Device is in production in a series that tells the viral story of rebel retailers on Wall Street – the story of David vs. Goliath through the ages.

The series is produced by Story Syndicate, the company that created it Icarus Cogan’s producer What happened, Miss Simon? Director Garbos. The couple will carry out the production alongside John Bardeen, who is working on the upcoming Nat Geo movie Fauci Documentary and Julie Geether, Who Worked for Netflix’s Patent files.

The series of untitled documents will take a look at the layers of intrigue within the story, from the superpower of digital societies to manipulation of trading and exploring the latest seismic shift in how the world’s money behaves.

You’ll feature exclusive access to prime members of r / wallstreetbets who have fueled the short burn movement, along with the regulars who have tied their wagon to the GameStop train and the stars of the financial world.

This comes after Deadline revealed that the operator is making a scripted feature film based on the story Pain locker Screenwriter Mark Boal in writing negotiations and Noah Centineo who starred To all the boys I’ve loved before, Hang on to the star.

It’s also the latest GameStop project to emerge; MGM adapts to Ben Mezrich’s Antisocial network, Jimmy Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets at Reddit, sold his life story to RatPac Entertainment, XTR, the company behind You can’t kill David Arquette, She collaborated with directors Chris Temple and Zach Ingrace on a project Console Wars Director Jonah Tolles has started producing another feature-length documentary with Submarine.

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