Officials Report Decreased Positivity & Hospitalization Rates – Deadline

Los Angeles County is slowly retreating from the holiday coronavirus wave as public health officials continue to report fewer than 5,000 daily new cases of Covid-19.

On Saturday, Public Health counted 3,254 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles, continuing the series of daily new cases of fewer than 5,000. While more than 3,000 new cases and nearly 200 new deaths remain grim, the province is in much better shape than it was in January. Exactly a month ago, Public Health confirmed 14,564 new cases and 281 deaths.

Public Health, which also recorded 197 new deaths on Saturday, found that the province is currently experiencing a drop in positivity and hospitalization rates since the start of February. Public Health said the province’s positivity rate has decreased by 42% and hospitalizations have decreased by 37% since Feb.1.

In detailing the latest count of new cases, deaths and current hospitalizations, Public Health has warned that Los Angeles residents can continue to do their part to fight the virus as the county faces a vaccine shortage. Officials said wearing masks, staying home and maintaining a physical distance “are the most effective tools that all of us have to protect one another.”

With Valentine’s Day and President’s Day approaching, Angelenos public health officials are encouraging to avoid holiday celebrations and meetings because such gatherings can increase the risk of contracting and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

To date, Los Angeles County has identified a total of 1,164,769 positive cases and a total of 18,984 deaths. See the latest coronavirus update from Los Angeles Public Health below.

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