Oscar Shortlists Unveiled In Nine Categories – Read All Of The Lists – Deadline

The Oscars shortlist are divided into nine categories, including international films, documentaries, music and song spots, makeup and hairdressing, visual effects and shorts. This is the first indication of strength at the 93rd annual Academy Awards, and although the lists contain few real surprises, it’s especially good news for those movies that have been mentioned more than once.

The show tops with three signals each of which is a Netflix holiday movie Jingle Jingle: The Christmas Journey (For song, score, makeup, and hairdressing), David Fincher Mank (Points, makeup, visual effects) and Disney’s Mulan (Score, song, and visual effect).

Movies that get mentioned two each Little Things, One Night in Miami, Birds of Prey, Life Ahead, Midnight Sky, Minary, Spirit, The One and Only Evan, Chicago Trial 7 And the Tenet. It also doubled in both the documentary and feature films categories in Chile Mole Agent And Romania collective. In addition to Amazon Stacey Abrams docu, All in: The Struggle for Democracy One listing for both Docu Feature and its original song “Turntables.”. ” The documentary’s rival was particularly unusual Welcome to Chechnya Which also earned a very rare mention among the ten finalists for Visual Effects. Is this the first time that a documentary has been recorded in the last category?

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Visual impacts are a category hard hit by the pandemic, with major studios moving many support films out of eligibility this year. This provided room for an eclectic group of contestants that also included animation Spirit With Mulan And the Evan the only one – All from Disney – And previous 2020 releases like wild birds, Flick Vin Diesel bloodshot And the Love and monsters. As expected, Christopher Nolan Tenet Slash is done, but entry to Warners superhero bizarre Wonder Woman 1984 Two Tom Hanks films have been closed with strong influences: Greyhound And the world News.

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The original song category could provide some interesting moments on Oscar night if the show’s five finalists are performed. Among the fifteen who made the initial reduction were new items such as “Wuhan flu” from Borat’s next movie And “Husavik” from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Epic Fire. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Sacha Baron Cohen and have Ferrell come to sing those tunes live? But the first book, which is credited with nine writers, including Cohen, will almost certainly be the ABC button on high alert. Diane Warren is the only songwriter on the list with two contenders – with songs from The next life And the Evan the only one – Gave her a good chance to break her famous streak of defeats at the Oscars in 11 previous nominations. Justin Timberlake and Andra Day are among the big names that have left their melodies in the cold this year; Tigress and Tweed Day from United States v. Billy Holiday, He was considered a favorite, with Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominations under his belt.

The academy has also narrowed the field of live action, short documentaries, and animated shorts. Interestingly, among the short documentaries, there is a charming entry on Netflix called What will Sophia Loren do? On the New York woman’s lifelong love for the Italian icon, another comeback this year on Lauren’s screen Next life – Which, as noted, made it to the AMPAS shortlist for Song and Score. If you ask me, it should have been the Italian entry for the international feature film and it was easy to make the cut there. Instead, Italy made the shortlist for non-international films Notorno, Although this docu made the initial cut for the documentary feature.

The full Oscar nominations, with the categories narrowing down to five finalists each, will be announced on March 15, and ABC will broadcast the 93rd Annual Academy Awards on April 25.

Here are the nine lists of classes that the Motion Picture Academy revealed today:

Feature documentary

All in: The Struggle for Democracy
Benin State
Crepe Camp
Matt Dick Johnson
Mole Agent
My octopus teacher
Painter and thief
76 days
Truffle hunters
Welcome to Chechnya

Short documentary topic

Abortion help line, this is Lisa
Blues call center
Concerto is a conversation
Not split
Hunger take
Hysterical girl
Latasha’s love song
Speed ​​cubes
What will Sophia Loren do?

Universal movie

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Koo Fades, Aida?
Chile, Mole Agent
Czech Republic, Juggler
Denmark , Another tour
France, two of us
Guatemala, Not Eurona
Hong Kong , Better days
Iran, Children of the sun
Ivory Coast, Night of Kings
Mexico, I am no longer here
Norway, Amal
Romania, collective
Russia, Dear comrades!
Taiwan, Sun
Tunisia The man who sold his skin

Makeup and hairdressing

wild birds
Hillbilly elegy
Jingle Jingle: The Christmas Journey
little things
Bottom of what renny black
One night in Miami …

Music (original pitch)

Blizzard of souls
Da 5 blood
Invisible Man
Jingle Jingle: The Christmas Journey
The Life Ahead (La Vita Davanti a Se)
little things
Midnight sky
world News
Chicago trial 7

Music (original song)
Rotary tablets from All in: The Struggle for Democracy
See what I did, who Belly of the beast
Wuhan flu, from Borat’s next movie
Husavik, from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Epic Fire
Never break from Give a voice
Make it work, who Jingle Jingle: The Christmas Journey
Fight for you, who Judah and the black Christ
Lu Sì (seen), who The next life (La Vita Davanti a Se)
Rain song from Minary
Show me your soul, who Soul Master!
Loyal, brave, true, of Mulan
Free from Evan the only one
Now speaking of One night in Miami
Green than Metal sound
Hear my voice, who Chicago trial 7

Animated short film

Genius Lucy
If anything happens I love you
Snail and whale
To Gerrard
Yes people

Short live movie

Da Yi
Feeling through
Human voice
The Kekslade Choir
Message room
the present
Two distant strangers
White eye

Visual effects

wild birds
Love and monsters
Midnight sky
Evan the only one
Welcome to Chechnya

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