Paul A. Kaufman To Adapt & Direct Nicole Trope Novel ‘The Boy In The Photo’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Emmy Award winner Paul A. Kaufman adapted the script and directed the Nicole Troup novel The boy is in the picture Under his production slogan The Power of Us Entertainment.

The boy is in the picture It is a touching psychological thriller story about Megan, whose life is turned upside down when her ex-husband kidnapped their six-year-old son, Daniel. Six years later, a twelve-year-old boy appears claiming to be Megan’s lost child, after his father is killed in a fatal fire. While Megan tries to bond with Daniel, he’s not the pretty little boy she’s lost. Instead, he is terse, erratic, condescending and dangerous. Fear explodes as she struggles with strange things going on around her while she begins to doubt that Daniel might be her real son. Since Daniel holds a very dark secret and things escalate, can Megan discover the truth and save herself?

Mykelti Williamson, Ravi Patel, Annabeth Gish and newcomer Alex Kersting Plus More Join Mira Sorvino in Butter

“The story is an emotional rollercoaster that bends and crashes to the end,” Kaufman says. “It’s a very exciting project to adapt to.”

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The boy is in the picture It is the follow-up to The Power of Us for their independent feature-length film Butter
The final meal Who stars as Oscar-winning Mira Sorvino and Alex Kirsting. Arclight Films Actresses The final butter meal. The pic will be released later this year.

Kaufman launched The Power of Us Entertainment to focus on social issues while creating innovative content. “It is the place where art meets vocation,” he says. “The final butter meal Deals with the prevention of teen suicide and bullying during adolescence The boy is in the picture He will take over the social issue of the missing children.

The boy is in the picture It was published by Bookouture and Peta Nightingale negotiated the deal on behalf of Bookouture and Emily Hayward-Whitlock of the Artists Partnership Literary Agency on behalf of Trope.

Kaufman is a two-time Emmy Award winner at 2000 Specials Run Wild Fields. His credits include in episodic television directing The Mentalist, Rogue, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Bridge, Grimm Among other things.

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