Qtum, Status (SNT) and Iota (MIOTA) rally after breaking multi-year downtrend

Shortly after Tesla announced that it would allow customers to purchase products with Bitcoin (BTC), a strange job from Amazon, suggests that the company could also work on a platform that allows customers in Mexico to use digital currencies to make payments.

If Amazon jumped in the cryptocurrency bandwagon, it would greatly boost the potential for cryptocurrencies to spread around the world.

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Bitcoin price today is showing a new spark of optimism after New York Mellon Bank announced that it will hold, transfer and issue bitcoins from its customers. The bank is also said to be developing a platform that will process and store digital currencies alongside traditional assets such as treasury bonds and stocks.

Bitcoin’s future in becoming a widely accepted medium of exchange and investment appears to have been carved into stone. Meanwhile, many altcoins rose, buoyed by strong use cases and protocol upgrades.

Let’s analyze some of the best performing tokens for this week.