R.J. Cutler Big Vape Documentary Series Rise Of Juul Amblin Television Time Studios – Deadline

Exclusive: RJ Cutler will direct and produce the documentary series Big vape, Adapted from Jimmy Ducharme’s forthcoming fictional book about the rise of the controversial e-cigarette company Juul. Cutler just released a Showtime document Belushi Was coming Billie Eilish: The world is a little hazy Which will be released on February 26 on Apple TV +.

Cutler’s This Machine collaborates on the series with Amblin Television, and Time Studios to chronicle Juul’s rise from a tech start-up to a billion-dollar tobacco company that once controlled 72% of the market. This wouldn’t be just a puff: The rise of Juul and the rise in nicotine and flavored products helped unleash what the highest health authorities have described as an epidemic of youth addiction.

Director RJ Cutler of Belushi talks about the “primary mediation” of the great comedy story John Belushi

Amblin chose the book last year. The CEO who is producing with Cutler are co-chairs of Amblin Partners television company Daryl Frank and Justin Valvey (The AmericansTrevor Smith from this machine)Belushi) And Elise Perlstein (American Factory, Food Company.). Mike Beck of Time Studios, Rebecca Title, and Ian Orevis will serve as co-executive producers. Tod Cohen and Clint Lavigne will work with Frank and Valve to oversee the daily development of the Amplin project.

the book Big vape It will be published in June this year by Henry Holt. Ducharme, a writer on the Time team, covers health, science and medicine and has written nearly 40 articles on vaping since he joined the publication three years ago. Its cover story, The New American Addiction: How Juul Hook Stirred a Public Health Crisis, Became one of the magazine’s most-read stories of 2019.

Cutler’s won an Emmys and was nominated for an Academy Award for his work that includes War Room, Perfect Candidate, September Issue, Hear Me Marlon, The World According to Dick Cheney, And the Thin. He has created non-fictional TV shows like an Emmy Award winner American High, A Student Diary and 30 Days. Cutler also hatched and brought out NashvilleAnd Chloe Grace Moretz-starrer If you stayAnd so does Podcast Ribbons Oval Office.

Becky Sweren of Aevitas Creative Management handled the book deal, selling Ducharme’s book to Holt in a big preemptive move; Cutler is represented by Lighthouse Management + Media, CAA and Jeanne Newman at HJTH.

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