Regina King Talks “Black Fame” During Opening Monologue – Deadline

Regina King hosted Saturday Night Live this night and started showing her “wild career”. However, the Oscar-winning actress knows fans may have known her for the first time from various titles.

“If you were black you probably knew me from being in some of your favorite movies. If you were white you probably knew me.” Guards Or this monologue. “

The One night in Miami Director and Guards The lead said that last year has been hectic but he said that when fame gets too much, there is an easy way to stay grounded.

“When black fame gets too crazy for me,” she joked, “I just go to the next white town and be the regular suspicious shopper again.”

Although worried about hosting the show, King got some support from Kenan Thompson. By wearing a hat and bucket chains, Thompson worked to help attract the public to host King for the first time. King continued her introductory speech, only to be interrupted by Thompson for a short while who sang about her accomplishments.

While the backup was cute, King said she could take the show herself.

She said, “I am a trained actress and I don’t need all of that.”

During her inaugural monologue, she also talked about how Eddie Murphy inspired her desire to host the graphic series and how Lorne Michaels helped her create her drawings.

Nathaniel Ratliff joined King as a musical guest.

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