Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney Complete Takeover Of Welsh Soccer Club – Deadline

Hollywood has officially arrived in the small town of Wales of 65,000 Dead list Superstar Ryan W. Reynolds It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Actor Rob McElhenney completes his takeover of local football club Wrexham.

The deal was officially approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority last week, wrapping up one of the most bizarre stories to emerge last year. Domestic investment in the UK film and television industries from America is one thing – it sounds like something out of a straightforward episode Always sunny (“The gang buys the Welsh soccer team”).

This does not ask why the duo set their sights on a regional sports team competing in the fifth tier of English football? Throughout the process, the duo insisted this was an investment in a business where they see potential for growth and success. Previous comments by Wrexham manager Spencer Harris repeated the following: “They are really interested in taking something with real potential, which is what this club has, investing in it, its formation and watching it grow.”

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Other theories exist. It seems to be noticeable that Wrexham’s recent ads came along with the marketing of Aviation Gin, which Reynolds is interested in (bought by Diageo in 2020). Coinciding with today’s announcement, the brand revealed that Wrexham Football Club had signed Aviation as an official partner, and that it was launching a “limited edition Aviation Gin design” to celebrate the acquisition, according to The Spirits Business. The airline has aggressively expanded into overseas markets, particularly the United Kingdom, recently securing a nationwide listing with its Sainsbury supermarket chain. The Wrexham deal definitely generated some improved brand marketing.

Whatever their reasons, Reynolds and McLahenne were definitely having fun during the process. In response to news of the completion, the couple added the letter “W” to their Twitter names, in an ode to Wrexham, by going to Wrob and Wryan respectively.

They posted some banter on the social media platform, and toasted the deal (with a flying bottle, of course):

Reynolds followed up on that post with a picture of himself in a Wrexham training jacket, saying he could not reach the race track, where the team is playing, fast enough (international travel restrictions might make that difficult at the moment).

Wrexham won away at Altrincham last night, perhaps that was a good omen of possession. The team is now seventh on the schedule and will be looking forward to a roadshow fueled by the new cash injection.

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