SNL Cold Open Is All Impeachment & Fox News Just Hours After Vote – Deadline

If you see Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s speech today after impeaching the president, the open night Cold Saturday Night Live might seem a little more shorthand than that comedy.

“Everyone knows you can’t remove a former president,” declared Beck Bennett as a Kentucky senator and former Majority Leader for Alex Moffat’s Tucker Carlson. “That’s why we had to isolate him before, when I said we can’t.”

Only more blunt than McConnell’s true statements so few and so late in the upper room After the Senate failed to impeach Donald Trump for a second time today, Bennett’s version described the former celebrity host as “guilty as hell.” Adding that Trump was “the worst person I have ever met,” McConnell went to vent, “I hope every city, county and country closes its backside. Oh God I felt good. I’ve been carrying that inside my neck for four years.”

Donald Trump’s acquittal was not a surprise, but the impeachment trial showed why it shouldn’t be the end of the story

Since the impeachment materials reached the struggling Senate from the House of Representatives earlier this month, there has been no doubt that no matter how good the case the impeachment directors raised, they will not get the 67 votes required to convict the former. POTUS – And they didn’t, a fact that was completely sealed when Senator McConnell announced earlier on Saturday that he would vote to acquit Trump, whom he secretly despises in Washington.

In this sordid context, votes plummeted in the air just hours after the Senate voted 57 to 43, with seven Republicans joining Democrats to indict Trump for instigating the deadly January 6 attack on the Capitol by MAGA morons, militias, and all politics. The opening was a miraculous evil fortune for the worst and weakest of the Republican Party.

Celebrating “an amazing day for 30% of America,” there was Senator Lindsay Graham, played by SNL MVP Kate McKinnon and slanderous friend Sen, Ted Cruz, portrayed by Eddie Bryant. Terrible Trump defense team members from the former Montgomery County, PA DA Bruce Castor (the man who hasn’t sued Bill Cosby for sex crimes in over 15 years) and the very odd one out Michael van der Vein have been given a late night life by Mikey Day Pete Davidson – as You can see below, for better or worse:

Away from Beltway politics, SNL is hosted tonight by Watchmen star, Emmy and Oscar winner and One Night In Miami director Regina King, with guest musician Nathaniel Rateliff.

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