Ted Cruz Faces Traveled To Cancun Amid Texas Power Outage – Deadline

Senator Ted Cruz (R) rushed to pounce on the excesses of the elite in Hollywood, but is now facing some media storm due to reports that he traveled to Cancun as his state witnessed an unprecedented blackout.

The New York Times, Fox News and CNN reported that Cruz left the state on Wednesday for a family vacation at the Mexican destination. The state experienced massive blackouts due to an unusual winter explosion that caused snow and ice and temperatures well below freezing temperatures.

A Cruz spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cruz has been tweeting about the dire situation and expectations. On Tuesday, he retweeted a story from The Hill about how some Republicans, including himself, last year made fun of California over a blackout.

“I have no defense. A snowstorm hits Texas and shuts down our country. not good. Stay safe! Cruz Books.

Pictures of Cruz on board a flight said to be heading to Cancun have been shared on social media. Some media reports also stated that Cruz returned to Houston on Thursday.

Congress is not in this week’s session, as most of the members have returned to their states and territories.

Cruz has no direct authority to respond to the state’s crisis, as the responsibility rests with state and federal officials. But the picture of traveling to a resort in the midst of a disaster-like situation is not a good look for any politician, especially one who is not shy about declaring hypocrisy on his social media accounts. This includes government figures who traveled after advising people not to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Joe Biden issued a federal emergency declaration for Texas on Sunday in response to the severe weather.

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