‘The Flight Attendant’ EPs Meredith Lavender & Marcie Ulin Sign With Range Media & ICM – Deadline

Exclusive: Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominated models, screenwriters, and producers signed Meredith Lavender and Marcy Olin with Range Media Partners and ICM Partners.

The duo recently served as the hosts / EPs for HBO Max’s live series The host For which it has been recognized with two Golden Globe nominations, including Best Television Series (Musical / Comedy) and Best Musical / Comedy Actress by Kaley Cuoco; Two Critics Choice Nominations, including Best Comedy Series and Best Actress, Coco; Two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations including comedian and actress Coco; WGA Award nomination. The series was rated HBO Max’s premiere during its run and immediately landed a second season after the first season ended.

Previously, Lavender & Olen (EPs) were on ABC Nashville, Both earned a 2013 WGA New TV Series nomination.

Lavender is also the co-founder of Atlanta-based Georgia Born production company.

Ring Media Partners was founded in September 2020 by Dave Bogliari, Mackenzie Condon Roussos, Rich Cook, Michael Cooper, Susie Foxx, Matt Graham, Sandra Kang, Rachel Krupa, Chelsea Mackenzie, Peter Michelle, Mick Sullivan, Byron Witzel, Jack Wigam. Range Media customers span across cinema, television, music, literature and activism.

In addition to Range and ICM Partners, Lavender and Ulin are represented by Todd Rubenstein in Morris Yorn.

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