‘The Little Things’ Makes $2.1M Over Super Bowl Weekend – Deadline

Update for updates and top 10 charts: On one of the hardest box office dates on the calendar, Super Bowl Weekend, and during the Pandemic, Warner Bros. The second weekend of Denzel Washington – Rami Malek – Jared Leto little things made $ 2.1 million In 2,206 theaters, -55% on the first weekend; Total put its domestic operation within ten days at $ 7.7 million As usual during Super Bowl Sunday, don’t count on a lot of work today, especially for the R movie aimed at older men.

Few things The second weekend drop is a bit steeper than the second weekend of the Liam Neeson movies on Open Road Sincere thief (-43%) and The bowler (-35%); Regarding the latter, this movie was coming in MLK weekend. So he said, Few things The end of the second week is a little higher than Ramy Second weekend ($ 2 million) and a little less Honest thief($ 2.35 million) (Arguably in the same range). Sources believe Few thingsThe cost of the final game in the United States is about $ 14 million, which is slightly less Honest thief$ 16 million. all over the world Few things They earned $ 3.5 million from 23 regions for a total global operation of $ 13 million.

Disney World Super Bowl tradition lives on, as the pandemic adjusts

Malcolm and Mary

Zendaya and John David Washington in Malcolm & Marie.

Despite WarnerMedia’s controversy with HBO Max’s theatrical release strategy of day and date during the pandemic, what’s interesting is that its films are making some kind of money at the box office, especially when compared to Netflix movies. Get a play. While the major studios are still on hold at Warner Bros for hiding their Comscore weekend numbers, Netflix isn’t reporting their BO numbers at all. More specifically, box office sources tell me this Malcolm and Mary He barely made any money last weekend. People simply aren’t trying their best to watch Netflix movies in theaters (the player has a pic agreement with Cinemark Series # 3). So what’s going on here with Warner / HBO Max movies making some money? Two things: Netflix has significantly more subscribers than HBO Max, which means that the general audience is already destined to watch Netflix movies at home. Second, it is very likely that there are far more moviegoers than HBO Max subscribers in the current box office markets of the South and Midwest Open.

However, the philosophy of “ Let the consumer decide where they want to see the movie ” is a sure way to derail business and reduce the value of film products and franchises when the market opens again. Deciding where a consumer wants to watch a movie currently during a pandemic, especially with the BO capitals in New York and Los Angeles shutting down, and moviegoers still generally weary with Covid, is another thing entirely. Movies are not the same as live sporting events or concerts. They are visual media assets. It would be wise for WarnerMedia to do what is best for its assets rather than setting consumers to their business standards. If this theatrical window formula fails, how the hell has it become the income generating machine for major studios over the past few decades? HBO Max plans to release 12 studio budget issues to service it annually, but that has always been part of the plan going back to announcing the Warner Max brand. Distribution sources say the strategy to launch the entire day and date theatrical broadcast ends when the world opens again.

Boys are bad for life


While Super Bowl Weekends often have a bad reputation for being slow at the box office, looking back in the last year, the industry has been swimming for cash: the third weekend of Boys are bad for life He led the box office with $ 17.6 million (total funds at the time were $ 148 million) with Orion / UAR’s Gretel and Hansel ($ 6.1 million) and Paramount / Eon Rhythm section ($ 2.7M) Opening for 3 days gross of $ 84.1M (+ 12% for Super Bowl Weekend 2019). Once again, both the show and the distribution will love money again, even if Rhythm section did not work.

Regarding the state of the exhibition, Seattle reopened some theaters last weekend, however, no hint of when New York City or major California markets, such as Los Angeles County – which will be closed a year starting in March – an occasion I come back to life in near future. Positive sign? Sea World in San Diego has reopened its animal exhibits (as opposed to its tours) starting Saturday morning due to state restrictions on raising zoos. The park has been closed for the past two months. With regards to New York City, distribution sources tell us their estimates indicate neighborhoods will open before Manhattan, which has always been a thought that goes back to last year.

Other box office hurdles this weekend, although only 45% of all cinemas were open (accounting for nearly 70% of the box office) including severe arctic weather in the Midwest and a major snowstorm in the Northeast . Few thingsThe top ten were 1. Paramount Drive-In Los Angeles, 2. West Wind Sacramento Drive-In, 3. West Wind Solano Twin Drive-In (Concord, CA), 4. West Wind Capitol Drive-In (San Jose, CA) ), 5. Harkins Estrella Falls Phoenix, 6. Santikos Palladium San Antonio, 7. Coyote Drive-In Ft. Worth, 8. Ford Drive Inn (Dearborn, Michigan), 9. IPIC River Oaks District, Houston, 10. Cinemark Town Center (Farr, Texas). The top ten markets for the PIC were 1. Dallas, 2. Phoenix, 3. Houston, 4. Greater New York Metro (New Jersey, CT, and Long Island / New York Appstate), 5. Chicago, 6. Detroit, 7. Atlanta, 8. Denver, 9. Salt Lake City, 10. Orlando. Warners notes that large format ticket sales and PLF remain the main driver, even for a movie like Few things, During the pandemic.

This coming weekend is Warner Bros. Awards Season released Judah and the black Christ, It is the first large-scale release targeting African Americans during the pandemic, with Focus Features debuting in Robin Wright’s debut directing. Land.


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