Top bidder at Ultraviolet NFT auction can collaborate with 3LAU on new music

Celebrated musician, producer and Cointelegraph Winner of the 100 Best Companies 3LAU announced their upcoming NFT auction to celebrate three years of his 2018 album ultraviolet.

The highest bidder will be able to collaborate with 3LAU on a new path.

3LAU’s “Ultraviolet Vinyl NFT Collection” is set to be auctioned for two days starting February 26th on Origin Protocol’s decentralized e-commerce platform, Dshop.

Auction participants will have the opportunity to bid on the unique 33 “Vinyl NFTs” that can be exchanged for exclusive access to unreleased music, special vinyl releases, and unique fan experiences. Auction winners will also receive up to 11 additional NFTs featuring an animation personally designed by 3LAU to accompany each track.

33 Special Vinyl NFTs can be exchanged with premium art sleeves hand-signed by 3LAU. Upon recovery of exclusive content or experiences, the Vinyl NFTs’ metadata will be updated to act as a Certificate of Authenticity for the physical vinyl.

At the close of the auction, each successful bidder will receive an additional NFT that can be exchanged for a combination of digital and physical rewards. Losing bidders will also receive an NFT Commemorative Post.

The largest bidder at the auction will also be able to replace the Platinum Ultraviolet Vinyl Collection NFT to collaborate directly with 3LAU to produce a new track. The five winners of the Gold NFT auction will be able to choose two of their favorite dance songs that will inspire a custom mix dedicated to them.

Origin also offers a secondary marketplace that winning presenters can use to resell their tokens. 3LAU will also receive a small portion of all secondary resells made on the Origin platform.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Origin Protocol co-founder Josh Fraser confirmed the team’s plans to focus on releasing NFT, noting that Origin is looking to partner with other musicians and artists to deliver NFTs that can be substituted for unique fan experiences through Dshop.

Fraser indicated that future NFT shows may open access to private parties, backstage tickets, in-person meetings, and other unique experiences.

3LAU is no stranger to NFTs, as it has made more than $ 1.1 million in total sales from eight other NFT drops made in the past five months.

Previous 3LAU NFT projections include KINETIK – an audiovisual NFT that originally sold for $ 3,3333.33 and was recently changed for $ 15,699.69 – and an iconic album artwork token that first sold for $ 99 and recently traded for $ 2,222.21.

3LAU ranked 93rd in Cointelegraph’s 2021 Top 100 People in Crypto list.