Trevor Noah Has Fun With Trump ‘Underdog Lawyers’ At Impeachment Trial – Deadline

Trevor Noah claimed that the magical and wonderful path to accountability should be a knock-out blow to conviction, given the overwhelming evidence that constitutes a “compelling powerful case.”

“It’s like having a murder suspect who left DNA and a bloody glove at the scene and ran away in a Ford Bronco … Wait, did that happen?”

No, the outcome of Trump’s impeachment trial is already scheduled, Noah admitted. But meanwhile, there is a crazy “trial” underway. Noah said that attorneys for former President Donald Trump are so scattered, “They never touched on the main issues, a man cried while reading a poem.” “I thought Ted Cruz would initiate another rebellion to change the subject.”

The Republicans were puzzled because the lawyers were so incompetent, expressing their indignation at the lack of organization.

“Do you know how bad the work they’re doing that Lindsay Graham turns them over? It’s like drawing something so bad, your kindergarten teacher dogs you for it!”

Of course, Noah said, no one was upset about not performing “more than a guy who would never pay them anyway.” Talk about stories that suggested Trump was yelling on TV. Noah said, “If he thinks you are wandering, then you know you’re fine.”

Noah said that, however, no matter how bad the defense was, it would still be a very inspiring movie. Watch the clip below to see what it might look like.

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