Trevor Noah Recaps Trump Impeachment Trial, Says Acquittal Was Expected – Deadline

After more than a month of encouraging his followers to challenge the results of the presidential election and march to the Capitol, President Donald Trump is no longer in trouble over his martyrdom of a deadly revolt on January 6.

As much as some Americans and politicians disappointed with the rule of Shabbat, The Daily ShowTrevor Noah of the Commission president said the acquittal of Trump should not come as a surprise.

“I understand it’s frustrating to a lot of people, but we should know that now – that’s what Trump is doing.” Noah said Monday night, “He is writhing on his way out of accountability.” Trying to hold Trump accountable for his crimes is like trying to kill a fruit fly.

While summing up the weekend news, Noah said the vote to condemn Trump for inspiring the violent attacks on the Capitol was “actually a tough situation for Republicans.”

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Even before the trial, Republican personalities received pressure and backlash from Trump supporters if they expressed support for the impeachment. Now, Republican party figures who voted to convict the former president have received internal and external threats, such as Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who was criticized by his family and ignored him for his vote for the conviction.

The Republican party base still loves Trump and will turn against anyone who votes against him faster than Al-Shahba He explained that fans turned on Joss Whedon, using the director’s recent controversy.

During his monologue, Noah also targeted Mitch McConnell, who voted to acquit Trump on Saturday, but later delivered a speech criticizing the former president for inciting violent attacks.

Noah said that while Trump made history as the only president to be impeached twice, he also pulled out as the “goat of innocence (the greatest of all time)”.

“Sorry OJ, I had a good run but Trump has been acquitted twice and he is responsible for more deaths,” he joked.

See the full Noah clip above.

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