Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Says Texas Regulators Play The Blame Game – Deadline

The strange winter storm in Texas witnesses that people are still waiting for the heat to return after three days. And it’s no longer fun, as Trevor Noah points out The Daily Show.

“Well, that’s horrible,” the presenter said. “I know people were praying for Texas to go blue, but not like that.”

Under freezing conditions that may be too much for Elsa from Frozen, some people have resorted to sticking blankets to the windows in an effort to preserve heat in the home. The horror of Noah. “This is how you hide the herbal scent of RA”

Fortunately, some leaders in Texas have ascended. With the exception of one mayor, he told his voters, “Stop booing.”

Noah said, “Damn, that’s one way to be a leader, and ask your people to defend themselves during a disaster.” “Why would this man want to be a mayor if he didn’t want to help people.”

Noah said it was like a doctor asking people to get their livers out.

Noah noted that the real problem is the blame game. The Texas energy industry has lacked oversight since it was liberalized in the 1990s. This led to unpreparedness for the inevitable disaster. Noah said, “More people are following Britney Spears.”

This is embarrassing for the Texas leaders, who take pride in the power industry. Now the industry has failed. It’s like Jason Momoa who needs help opening a pickle jar. “

But like people trying to blame the New York Jets’ record on the Waterboy, some Texas leaders have found a scapegoat. Watch the video for identification.

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